November 1, 2011

Radio Silence.

Radio silence is what all of you lovely readers have been getting for the past month basically since I started this daunting last year of law school.  I am alive and well, but I am busier than ever with school and various commitments.  When I do have "free time," usually the last thing I want to do is sit with down with my computer and type some more.  I hope to get back to more regular posting.

Now, what exactly have I been up to the past month or so.  October was jam packed with activities and wonderful memories made.  Here is my month in pictures....

I attended my high school's Homecoming.

Ainsley, Will, and I
I, finally, got to Columbia for a game.  I went to the Carolina-Auburn.  Sadly, I did not return to Charleston with a "W."

The view from the condo at Carolina Walk. 
Kitty, Cayce, Elizabeth, Cory, and I 
Elizabeth and I
The Rebels {my high school} improved to 7-0 in Charleston.  They ended the regular season 9-1 and have the first playoff game on Friday.

Daniel, Ainsley, and I
Daniel is our cousin/big brother and an assistant coach.
I got a new "nephew."  My cousin, Crystal {Daniel's sister}, had her second boy.  We are very close with this side of the family.  Crystal and Daniel are more like my older siblings than cousins.

Bryan Lee 

Brothers Meet
Kaley celebrated her bachelorette weekend on IOP.

I enjoyed wonderful food and even better music at the Southern Ground Music and Food Festival.

This past weekend, I took an old fashion college roadtrip to Knoxville for the Carolina-Tennessee game. It was such an epic weekend that it deserves its own post.  Lastly, I have to give a congratulatory shout-out to one of my friends from home.  Mark Anderson was awarded his PGA Tour card this past weekend following the Nationwide Tour Championship.  Look out for him on the tour next year.



  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to your Knoxville post :)

  2. Yay, Mark! SOOO happy to have you back! XoXo

  3. Love your homecoming outfit and the scarf you're wearing with that oh so cute new baby!!


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