March 28, 2011

Packing Lunch

First of all, I need these lunch bags!
I need a constant reminder to "Keep Calm."
I usually take my lunch to school.  But, here recently with me spending so many hours at the lawbrary, I am packing a day's worth of meals, snacks, and numerous diet cokes.

I feel like I am packing for summer day camp. Or a second grader who has to stay for the after school program.  My little lunch box bag is filled to the brim.


My dishwasher is nothing but tupperware.  Since, I am not home to actually fix meals to even have leftovers, I am left with only a few options for lunch and dinner.  Lean cuisines are a must.  They get old quick.  I love a PB&J and could eat them everyday.  And so what if I brought an entire box of Cheez-It Snack Mix to the library.

Then, I have my standard salad - romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, craisins, almond slices, turkey, and a variety of cheeses (velveeta crumbles and/or blue cheese).  What about a dressing?...In comes my pickiness.  I like ranch but not my salads.  I love honey mustard on my salad, but have never found one in a bottle that I love.  Thousand Island...goop!  And basically any other bottled dressing.  My solution...make my "own."  Thanks to Good Seasons!

Good Seasons offers a variety of dry dressings that can be added to oil and vinegar to make a great vinaigrette dressing.  They can be found in the dressing isle with the powder ranch packs.  All you need is one of these...

Good Season Curet 
This little guy has measurement marks for the appropriate vinegar, oil, and water to be added.  Give it a little shack and you have a delicious dressing.  I like the traditional Italian and Garlic & Herb.  I use half the oil listed and add more water for a healthier alternative.  It doesn't change the taste at all.
Check out their website, they have some great recipes that are easy to make.

Off to another marathon day at the lawbrary.
Have a lovely day y'all!



  1. Love those lunchbags!!!

    Have a Beautiful Week!

  2. I love the make your own mixes! They are SUPER TASTY! As far as lunch bags go, I have a Thirty-One brand lunch tote. It is pink and green with my name on it. They have a variety of options a a low price, and all items can be monogrammed! You may really like them!

  3. I'm the same way about my dressings..very picky. I also make my own a lot..balsalmic vinegar, oil, s&p, little squirt of dijon mustard and some garlic powder. Yummo!

  4. those lunch bags are adorable!!!

  5. Kudos to you for making your own lunches! - I always have such great intentions of packing a lunch the night before and then just end up stopping by the gas station on the way to work instead and pick up a diet coke and a granola bar (bleh) - maybe if I had those aweosme bags I would be more motivated :)

    I have a great homemade recipe for a dijon vinegarette dressing and I'm going to email it to you now :)


  6. yum!! thanks for the dressing tip- i bet it would work well for marinades too!

  7. Those lunch bags are ADORBS! Love them!

    Have a good week!

    Lauren @ tickled.

  8. oh Ash! Cayce's so excited that her mom's salad recipe made your blog!! We'll have to have another dinner night soon :)

  9. love that salad shaker! too cool. i'm the same way about lean cuisines at night! confession: i brought a lunchable to work today and put the trash in my purse to throw away later b/c i was embarrassed someone would see it in my trash can and know i still eat like a 5 year old ;) good job on the salads!

  10. Popping over from Argyle and Alligators. I love PB & J and had to make myself STOP eating them everyday. And that salad is mine to a T, but I like Ken's Asian Sesame. THE BEST and it's fabulous for cooking or marinating chicken. Love a double use! Have a great day!


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