July 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!




Lets get ready for round dos!

Full party recap on Monday.


July 29, 2011

Friday Fancies: It's My Party

I wrapped up my summer class on Wednesday and think I did well on the final.  I now have two weeks of summer before classes for the fall start.  Gosh! I really don't want to be a 3L.  I am just not ready to grow up.

Speaking of growing up, my birthday is a little more than a week away! Whoot, whoot!  Elizabeth's birthday is tomorrow.   Having our birthdays so close together, we started brainstorming at the end of June what to do for our birthdays.

Well, tonight is our joint birthday party at our usual bar, Midtown.  We have rented out the the upstairs and invited our closest 50 or so friends.  I am very excited!  Both of us have friends coming from out of town.  OH! And, did I mention that it is open bar?  We have may or may not have ordered koozies for this shindig.

Right after getting the party details worked out, the next thing we had to plan was our outfits.  DUH!  I was on the hunt for the perfect royal blue dress {just for you av}.  It was a color I don't have in my closet and thought it would definitely stand out.  I found one on sale at Piperlime.  However, the most perfect royal blue dress is the feature of this week's Friday's Fancies.  This would be my birthday outfit if money was no option

Shohanna Beaded One-Shoulder Dress
Bfrend Neon Cobra Bracelet
Kenneth Jay Lane Filigree Disc Earrings
Lauren Merkin Eve Metallic Clutch
Michael Kors Zoe Cross Strap Sandal

Elizabeth and I goofing off
Here's to kicking off my last two weeks of summer EVER! right.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.


July 26, 2011

Oh, Those Summer Nights.

The past two weekends have been filled with friends and wonderful new memories.  They were truly everything that summer is all about and have reminded me of this quote...

"Here's to all those summer nights when my feet hit the sand and the waves break my fall and all my friends around me out number the stars."


July 25, 2011

Mysterious bruises....

....means one of two things, I am a huge klutzes or signs of a good weekend.

Well, in all honesty, both are true in my case.  My middle name should be "grace."  I do usually handle my mishaps with grace, poise, and laughter.  These mysterious bruises are, though, a result of the latter.  I am talking a ugly bruise on my left outer thigh, a sore right lower back, little bruises here and there, and awkward slightly swollen slashed bruised right inner ankle {not the whole thing, just the inside}.

I told y'all second weekend got rowdy.  I won't divulge the total amount of alcohol consumed by my group of friends, but I will tell y'all that between ten boats there were upwards of 350-400 jello shots. #sorryforpartying

This weekend was not a good tide weekend.  High tide was in the middle of the day which meant no navigable sandbar to play around on.  Our group tied up and stayed put.  Luckily, we had plenty of floats and other entertainment.

I will just the pictures explain most of the weekend...

Our gang of ten boats
Jonathan and I - friends since the age of three
Mister New Booty
Cole, Krystle, Hamp, and I
True story - Cole and I go all the way back to baby and delivery.  I am less than 12 hours older than him. 

Allen and Cole
Allen and I
The ladies from high school
Brandon and Meg
Floats galore...

Bobby, Andy, and I 
Annndd...That is all she wrote...

Countdown for WaterFest 2012 has already begun, even though I won't be able to enjoy it......


July 22, 2011

Friday Fancies: LWD - WaterFest Round 2

Yesterday afternoon, I made the drive from Charleston to home for the second weekend of WaterFest.  The second weekend is known to be the rowdier of the two weekends.  More people downtown, more people on the sandbar, and better bands.  I am trying to get in as much of the festivities this year because next year there will be NO WaterFest for me.  I will be preparing to take the Bar the following week. Uckkk!

This week's Friday's Fancies is all about the LWD {little white dress}.  I love wearing white in the summer.  White pants looks crisp and clean with a colorful top.  White dresses are fun to had bright, colorful jewelry.  I just wish that it was acceptable to wear white after Labor Day.  It is still feels like summer well into September around here.

Link up with {av} and show off your fancy LWD...

Today, my mom, sister, and I are heading to the Tanger Outlets to do a little back-to-school shopping.  Did I really just say "back to school"!? BLAH! Where has the summer gone?  Well this may or may not be my last back-to-school shopping.  Well shall see.

Have a wonderful weekend!


July 21, 2011

Wanna Take a Back Road

I think one of the most overlooked simple pleasures in life is driving in your car.  Take away the hustle and bustle of rush hour, take away the crowded downtown streets, and take away the road ragers.  You are left with the joy and freedom of being able to go where ever you want. {within reason}  Nowadays, a car is purely how we get from point A to point B, rather than a way to see the world around us.

I love getting of the interstate every now n' then and take a back road.  Or simply drive for no reason, ya know the typical Sunday drive.  Every time I go home, I get to just drive and enjoy the scenery around me.  Highway 17 between Charleston and home is still mostly only two laned.  I will select a random playlist and just get "lost" in my own thoughts for a little while.

I want to take a drive down a dirt road, a mountain road, or a hilly, curvy road and have no plan or purpose...

Who is with me?  Let's take a roadtrip.

Happy Birthday Jana!



July 18, 2011

WaterFest Weekend One

Well, the first weekend of WaterFest 2011 is in the books and it was definitely one to remember.  My abs genuinely hurts from all the laughter.  My group of friends at home are hysterically witty and sarcastic.  No person or topic is off limits.  I promise you are going to get picked on and you better pick right back.  It is hard not to have a good time when you are surrounded by people like that.  It also doesn't hurt that you are surrounded by views like these...

As I said earlier, the festivities got kicked off with my friend Allen's annual WF cookout.  We feasted on lowcountry boil and plenty of beer to wash it down.

I was quite taken by a particular green velvet chair that was in the downstairs "party room" and the handmade bunny that occupied it.

That bunny is circa 1986.  It reminded me of a similar bunny that my mom had sitting on our bay window seat for most of my childhood.  She might have discarded it in 1999 OR it might still be there.  Not really sure.  Either way, I was mesmerized by the bunny and its long ears.

I had fives on that chair for most of the night....it was my unofficial throne.

Prime example of my wearesofunny friends:

After much delay from our more than hungover captain and a few hiccups with the boat, we got on the boat around 2:30.  Much, much later than I wanted, but all in all, it was perfect timing for the sandbar and such.  The best part of WF is that I get to see all my friends at one time and all the ones that I don't get to see as often as I would like.  We had near perfect weather.  I am talking temps in the high 80s and low 90s. {It was like having a cold front come in}

The fellas - Chip, Ryan, Tommy, and Allen
and with the ladies
The unofficial beverage of the sandbar and the rivah is definitely bud light.  In mine and Elizabeth's case, it was Budweiser.  #dontcareifyoujudge  We had a case left over from the Fourth and decided they needed to be drank.  I mean I love bud light and is my beer of choice, but there is something refreshing about a "real" beer every now and then.

Of course, we had the special edition American flag cans.  I hope they just keep them for all of eternity.  Towards the end of the day, we found this jewel and didn't leave.  I am about to purchase one for myself.

We pulled anchor around 7:45 and headed home.  After a good five hours in the boat, this girl was pooped.  Elizabeth and I thought wisely enough to forego downtown on the second night.  One night out and a day on the boat was enough for us.  After a late lunch with my family on Sunday, we headed back to Charleston and the reality of school and work.  Yeah, Friday you can go ahead and hurry up.  Second weekend is always the more rowdier of the two.  Preparing myself now!


July 15, 2011

Friday Fancies: Summer Chic - WaterFest Round 1

If y'all didn't know, today marks the start of the BEST ten days of summer!!  Why you ask is so special about the next ten days, including today?  The 56th Annual Beaufort Water Festival kicks off today.  I know several of you have had the joy of experiencing all of the fun WaterFest and Beaufort has to offer.  For those who have not, I will sum up WaterFest in that it is a huge party on the river and waterfront. 

Each night is celebrated with live music along the waterfront of the Beaufort River.  Each night is themed from Motown Monday, Tropical Tuesday, and Lowcountry Boil night on Thursday.  By day, everyone takes the boats out to the sandbar that sits in the middle of the Beaufort River.  The Festival is complete with arts & crafts, ski show, air show, parade and various other sporting events leading up to the festival.  WaterFest is a great mix and balance of family-friendly fun and party-crowd fun.

I will be heading home this afternoon to join in all the fun, sun, and friends.  WaterFest is that time when everyone comes back in town.  Or, they simply plan summer vacations around WaterFest.  Earlier this week I twitted that I was debating whether I was more excited about WaterFest or HP7.  Well, my friends, I am definitely more excited about WaterFest!  I start looking forward to these ten days as soon as they are over.

If money grew on trees, this is what I would be fancying this Friday...

Tonight, one of my closest friends, Allen, is hosting his annual WaterFest lowcountry boil cookout.  Most of our evening will be spent at his house until we decide whether or not to head downtown/waterfront.  See all the bars in Beaufort are along the waterfront.  It offers a nice breeze and beautiful scenery both day and night.  The rest of the weekend will be spent on the boat. {AHH heaven!}

Check out the first minute or so of this video for some Beaufort scenery.  If you want to watch all 17 minutes, well, then so be.

Pictures from last year's WaterFest...

Jake, Allen, and I
Melissa, Tommy, Chip, me and Allen
Melissa and I 
Party on the sandbar...just the back half of the bar.
1/3 of our party barge...yes, that is outriggers as flag poles.

If you have been to WaterFest please share your favorite memory! I am looking for any takers for Round 2 next weekend!


July 14, 2011

Southern Summer Nights

During the summer, it is rare for the weather forecast not to call for a little rain every day.  Living on the coast, it is something you become accustom to and learn to embrace it.  I, personally, love a good thunderstorm as long as I don't have to drive it.  I really love them when I can do this...

Watch the storm roll in off the ocean...

from a big porch...

while curled up in a hammock...

sipping on a cocktail/sweet tea...

and a good book in hand.

OHHhh! The simplicity of a southern summer night.

P.S. How do y'all like the new look?


July 7, 2011

The Single Life...

A year ago today, I broke up with my boyfriend of more than two and half years.  I thought he was the one for me, until I realized my dreams and aspirations were not a priority for him.  And that is the biggest thing I have learned over the past year...

I should not compromise my true self for someone that is not willing to do the same.  He should want me to become the best me and achieve all that aspire to.

I have grown as a person over the past year and learned many lessons.  While being single, I have thoughts of qualities and characteristics that I want in my next boyfriend {and who potentially could be my future husband}.  Some are serious and some are funny.  I thought it would be interesting to share some with y'all every so often and get your feedback and some of your "requirements."

Respect his family, especially his momma
Treat me like a lady
Have manners and respect for all people
Be able to grow facial hair
Like sports more than I do
Enjoy being outside
Carolina fan {this might be negotiable}
Know how to shag {the dance} or be willing to learn
Can't think they are prettier than me
Sarcastic sense of humor
Believe in my dreams

This list is continuous and I will be sharing more.

As for me now, I am enjoying the single life.  Don't get me wrong having a gentleman would be nice, but I am happy about where I am in my life.  


July 6, 2011

Days Like These...

...ya want to make them last.

Happy {belated} Fourth!

July 4th is by far my favorite holiday, second only to Christmas.  A close third in that race is the opening day of college football.

This Fourth was by far one of the more chill and relaxing, but no more short of celebration.  I spent half the weekend in Charleston and the other half at home with my family and close friends.  I got a call from my mom late Saturday night saying that they would definitely be going out on the boat with my aunt and uncle.  I loaded my stuff up Sunday morning and headed home.

I can't think of a better place to spend my day than on a boat in the Chechessee River.  I spent countless days from middle school on up through high school and college on this little river.  It is never really crowded and everyone knows each other.  Our parents grew up doing the same things on the same river. It is my own little heaven.  We had a perfect tide on Sunday which provided optimal time at the sandbar.

Is that my Bubba with a man-size beard?
Small digression...When I think about how old I am, I don't think of myself as old, well, because I am not.  Yet, when I got home and saw that...that...man-size beard on "cousin" Will...I about fell out.  This makes me feel old.  I remember when both he and Ainsley were born {they are nine months apart}.  They are going to be starting their Senior and Junior years of high school.  They grow up so fast!
P.S. Can you tell that they are both taller than me!? GEEZZ!

See lookathere...she has a good inch on me...
Horseshoes on the sandbar
Colby and I
Jake and I
Please check out those chops! Love it!

These two gentleman are like little brothers to me.  It was great celebrating the 4th with them.

I had back to Charleston on Monday afternoon.  I whipped up some homemade peach ice cream and got ready to watch the fireworks from the battery.  There are so many different firework shows to catch in Charleston, so Elizabeth and I decided to just to go to the battery and watch them all, if even from a distance.  My camera battery died before the fireworks started. Fail!

This is the best shot from my phone.
I had a wonderful 4th and enjoyed every bit of freedom I had to do what I did.

Side Note:
I didn't follow the Casey Anthony trial at all and don't know all the facts or circumstances.  Everyone is shocked that she was found not guilty or making comments that the justice system failed.  In in no way think that she is completely innocent or did not in fact kill her daughter, but I would like to point out a few things that everyone should keep in mind when they are questioning the jury's decision.  All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  Would we want a justice system that presumes the defendant is guilty until proven innocent?  Think about the difficulty that would present to the defendant.  The State has the burden of proving the defendant guilty.  Defendants do not even have to rebut or present a defense during a trial.  The State has the resources to prove such guilt.  Furthermore, it must prove this guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  That is the standard by which the jury must make its decision.  Hence, if the jurors had any doubt that she did not kill her child, then they must find her not guilty.  Personally, I find it hard to believe that any mother would not report her child missing after a mere hour and it not be a cover-up.  I, though, was not in that jury room.