December 28, 2010

Holiday Wrap-Up Part I

I finished my third semester of law school on December 11th! I am halfway to becoming an attorney.  I stayed in Charleston that weekend to celebrate with my friends from school before I headed home for the holidays.  Two of my closest friends from college came down to Charleston that weekend, so I was excited to see them.  Kaley and I were both Chi Omegas and I have been friends with her and Drew since my freshman year.  Kaley and Drew were celebrating Drew's graduation from Carolina, but they ended up celebrating aaaallootttt more!  On Friday night a big group of our mutual friends went to dinner at Moe's Downtown.

Kaley and I at dinner
What I am thinking: "I wonder when Drew is going to propose?"
The next day I took my tax final and ran some errands around town.  Kaley and I had been texting all day and decided to meet up downtown later than night after her and Drew went to dinner.  I went to an oyster roast for a good friend that was leaving the next day for six months to work on a boat in the Caribbean.  As we were getting everyone together to head downtown, I get a text message from Kaley, "We have more to celebrate tonight!" Insert squeals, OMGs, and a few tears!  Kaley and Drew are the first of my close friends to get engaged.  I could not be happier for them.

The Rock!

The Future Mr. and Mrs. Kirkpatrick
After a weekend of celebrating, I headed down to "real" lowcountry of South Carolina for two weeks of family, friends, and relaxing.  My "brother" turned 17 while I was home.  Lucky enough, he had a basketball game on his birthday, so my sister and I had to make sure everyone knew it was his birthday and that he was good and embarrassed.  And, he loved every minute of it!

Ainsley, Will and I
Will likes to refer to himself as "Big Daddy."  Will's parents - Aunt Lynn and Uncle Jeff - are mine and my sister's un-official god-parents.  The three of us are like brother and sister to each other.  Ainsley and Will are less than nine months apart and fight like brother and sister.

My little hometown puts on a small scale Festival of Lights.  It is set up along the local nature trail.  My family walked the trail together one night.  Earlier in the month, the Boys and Girls Club had brought in a snow machine to make snow for the kiddos.  Here are some of my favorite displays.

Santa and his Reindeer

Fishing Bear

I spent most of break in my pajamas/sweats.  It was so nice to not have to be anywhere or have to do anything.  Christmas Eve/Christmas Day pictures to come in Part II.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and starting to gear up for the New Year.


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