December 24, 2010

Here goes nothing...

Thanks to my friend Megan (My Two Cents) I got sucked into the world of blogs.  It started out innocently enough just by reading hers when I had some down time between classes, reading, and studying.  And, it quickly turned into me sitting up one or two in the morning finding new blogs to read.  Blogs easily became my new procrastination tool along with Facebook and online shopping (J.Crew and Anthro are bookmarked for easy access). So after months of reading blogs, I have decided to dive into the world myself.

I am a second year law student at the Charleston School of Law, so there might be some ranting, raving, and general stress release from school on here.  But mostly, I hope to give everyone a peek into my sometimes crazy, mostly fun (when I am not sitting in the lawbrary), laid-back life.  I am not promising fireworks, because my life can be boring at times.

As for the title of this blog, it comes from one of my favorite songs, Soulshine, by the Allman Brothers.  I am a fan of all kinds of music, but I mostly listen to older stuff.  This song has been a favorite of mine for sometime.  Here is the song...

So, let your Soulshine...


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