December 29, 2010

Holiday Wrap-Up Part II

With all of my family living within 20-30 miles of each other, the holidays run relatively smoothly and I get to see everyone.  Christmas Eve is spent at my Nana and Papa's (my mom's parents) house.  Christmas Day is spent at my house with just my parents, sister, and me.  We cook a big Christmas breakfast and lunch, and then comes the inevitable wonderful food coma.  Christmas night we go over to my Aunt Lynn's mom's house to eat, again, and play with all of our the little ones new toys.  This year at my Nana's one person in particular had tons of presents under the tree.  They belonged to the most precious two-year-old.

He would have been happy with tissue paper!

Ohhh yeahhh legosss

Counting his hotwheels...he got all the way up to ten.

The book I gave him to help him learn to count the "Carolina" way.   I  gave him the alphabet version for his birthday.

His new bike
One of my closest friends from home shares his birthday with Jesus and Jimmy Buffett.  Jake and I have been friends since we were tots.  Our dads were in the same fraternity at Carolina.  This year, Jake turned 21, and always joked that nothing would be open for him to celebrate at midnight on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning.  Well after some calling around, we found a place in downtown Beaufort that was going to keep its regular hours that night.  So off we went on Christmas Eve to celebrate his birthday with the rite of passage midnight drink.

The group and the shot I bought him at midnight

Me and Jake - like a little brother
After hanging out for a little while, we all hurried home, so Santa could come.  Presents between my family were opened that morning.  I got mostly clothes, makeup from Benefit, new Wallabees, and some movies.  As I have gotten older, my gift-asking has gotten more practical - i.e. "Mom can you just pay my rent for the month?"  But nonetheless, Santa was very good to me and love everything I got.  My sister got Just Dance 2 for the Wii. After we opened all our presents, Ainsley wanted to play the game.  I having never heard of it was not sure what I was getting myself into.  And let me tell you, this is no easy game and actually becomes quite the workout.  Needless to say, I ran out the next day and bought my own to take back to Charleston.

I wish I had pictures of us dancing because it was hilarious.  Two songs in and I am sweating.  My personal favorites are "Rolling on the River", Tina Turner and "Hey Ya", Outkast.  I don't know how Tina is still doing what she does, because this girl was about to give out.  If you have a Wii this game would be a great investment!

Ainsley and I - next year's Christmas card
I wish it could have lasted longer.  Christmas always comes and goes so fast.  I am back in Charleston and getting ready for NYE.  More to come on that later. Tootles for now!


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