May 22, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

After a weekend long birthday celebration, I have gotten some much needed rest today.  The themes for this weekend were sun, fun, and beer.  I love celebrating birthdays!

Round 1 - Lowcountry Boil dinner and a little Harbor Lites action for midnight birthday shots.  Yeah it is still fun to do midnight birthday shots even when you are not turning 21.

Best picture of the night...Jesse and I playing Connect Four at the bar.

Round 2 - Riverdogs game and karaoke at the Lites.

Birthday balloons and a surprise visit by the BF...awwww!
Is this Harbor Lites or Trio?

I, honestly, could not ask for better friends...

I love America!

Round 3 - Beach day followed by Margaronasss

Heather sporting her sweet Folly Beach birthday t-shirt I got her. 

Out later that evening.
Dancing Queen
Heather and Eddie had a wedding to attend on Saturday night so this missed out on Round 4 of the weekend.  Saturday was another beach day.

Two amusing photos from Saturday...

Oh hey small ceramic bird on the beach.  It is an inside joke of two my friends.  I turned around in my chair and this was staring at me.
One of the guys with us was easily entertained by feeding the seagulls.  Literally, he ran around with my bag of Chex mix and tossed pieces for them to catch.
Wonderful weekend filled with lots of friends and plenty of laughs.  I hope everyone else had great weekends and even got some sunshine.

Other big news from the weekend...

South Carolina clinched the SEC Championship on Saturday by defeating Alabama 3-2.  I am excited for another thrilling post-season of college baseball!

Adrian Morales and Matt Price after the final strikeout.
Post-game huddle.
photos courtesy of Gamecock Central.

Who is ready for Monday?...Yeah didn't think so!



  1. hooray for birthdays! glad you had a good weekend :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. love that strpied dress Ashton! Looks like a fun time!!

  3. Wow that sounds like a really fun weekend! I love post-season college baseball--I guess 4 years in Omaha will do that to you :) Hope that South Carolina makes it to Omaha this year!

  4. Ahh, that looks like so much fun!! My favorite is the Connect 4 at the bar!


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