September 5, 2011

Gameday with TBS Week 1

Today, I am linking up with The Belles with their Gameday link-up.  Head over and share how you celebrated Gameday.  Did you make it to the game? Or did you stay at home and have friend over to watch the game?  What was on your menu?  Let us know!

Gamecocks are victorious in Week 1.
It was rocky at first, but we got underway when we put in our veteran quarterback.  The reasons for which our fifth-year quarterback was not starting is worth a whole blog of its own.
Charlotte was good to me.  We made it to only one bar, Molly MacPherson's, to celebrate after the game.  One bar was enough for me; I was pooped after tailgating most of the day in unbelievable heat.  I didn't get to Sandstorm at all during the weekend - the only downside of playing at a neutral site.
Bring on the Dawgs!

I got to briefly see Jake before the game prior to him having to report to the team.  Jake tore his ACL this past spring during a scrimmage.  He is undergoing rehab this season.  Teams are only allowed to bring so many players for away games.  Since this game was not a conference game,  he was able to dress in his jersey and stand on the sideline.

Jake and I 
Meg, Emily, and I 
Big thanks to Emily and her parents for putting on a wonderful tailgate!

Collin and I 
Our tiny speakers.
Charleston Law SBA Vice-President and President 
Other law school pals in town for the game...Liz, Fred, Graham, and Megan

Leon, Mike, and Lauren
During the game, the lady in front of me told me to put my shakers down, because I shaking it too much and cheering too often.  NO ma'am, I will not {in the politest way possible}.  Lady, you are at a football game!  If you don't want people yelling, cheering, shaking pom-poms, twirling towels, and the like around you, then you need to either A) stay at the tailgate or B) stay home.  Might I add, this was right after we scored a touchdown.  Everyone is going crazy, chica.  Get over yourself!

How did everyone's teams do this weekend?  I hope everyone enjoyed their last official weekend of summer.  I have soaked up every bit of my five-day weekend...I don't have class on Fridays and my Thursday class got cancelled.  Yes, I have a short week in front of me.  I think I can already see Friday and the weekend to come.



  1. Ewww I can't believe that ol' bitty! Looks like yall had fun! :)

  2. Our teams play each other this weekend. :) And I accidentally got the perfect South Carolina Garnet on my nails today.. ooops.

    Should be a good game! Are you making the trip to Athens?


  3. I am so excited for football season to be here. Looks like you had a fabulous time... love your dress.



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