September 20, 2011

Two Years.

Two years ago today, the Lord welcomed the funniest angel into His gates.  And, I lost my best friend and big "brother." {see here}

It remember every emotion of that day like it was yesterday.  I have replayed the entire weekend in my head over the last few days.  A few friends and I had just finished dinner and were heading to Moe's Downtown to have a few drinks and watch the football game.  I had just sat down when my mom called me.  The first thing she asked me was, "Where are you? And, are you with someone?" I told her of course I was with someone; I wasn't out by myself.  I then realized by her tone that she was not calling just to check in.  She was calling to tell me that Justin had suffered heart attack.

Justin had Kawaski Disease as a child.  He had a stint put in when he was twelve years old.  The doctors believe his stint was jarred and moved out of place when he slide into third during a church league softball game.  Over the next three days, our family and friends gathered at the MUSC in Charleston. We prayed, paced, prayed a lot more, comforted, paced some more, and prayed again.  We knew God would not take this person away from us.

As Sunday evening approached, there was only a few of us left at the hospital since many people had to return home for work the next day.  It was almost 10:00, so I decided to head home {about five minutes away} myself since I had class in the morning.  My dad was going to stay the hospital a little while longer and would call when he left.  I did not pull into my driveway good before my dad called me and told me to come back to the hospital.  At that moment, I did not want to think about it.  It could only be a good reason I was coming back, right?  I would not let myself think it.  Not until I walked off the elevator into the waiting room did I let myself realize that my best friend was gone.

A little bit of me still wonders "Why?"  And, I believe I always will; it is natural.  Looking back now, I realize that we were so very lucky to have him in our lives for as long as we did.  Justin was the kindest, most genuine person I knew.  He was never seen without a huge smile on his face and was the first person to make sure you had one on your face, as well.  Always the jokester.  He loved the Gamecocks and the Bravos more than anything in this world.  Well, other than his fiance, family, and friends.  My heart still aches when I think about how much he has missed seeing and how much I have not been able to personally share with him.

I can't watch a Will Ferrell movie without thinking of Jus.  Many of my favorite memories from college include Jus.  Some of my fondest childhood memories involve our families.  I think of all the advice he gave me and how protective he was of me.  Looking back, I can't help but smile and tear up occasionally.

I leave you with one of the best pictures I have that truly captures Justin's out-going, fun loving personality.  Yes, this was during a themed party in college.

Kevin, Allen, Ray, and Justin


  1. I didn't know Justin, but I do remember my heart breaking for Fleming when I heard the news. I'm so sorry you lost such a good friend so early in life but am glad you can smile and laugh thinking about him. :)

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss Ashton. Justin sounds like an amazing guy and friend. I'll be praying for you and his family today.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss!
    Big HUGS Hun! Hang onto and replay those precious memories forever!

  4. This was such a sweet post, and I'm so impressed that you can look back so positively and remember the good times and be grateful for them :) He sounds like one amazing person.

  5. This is such a sweet post. I have goosebumps! It's so nice that you can look back and be thankful for the time you had with him instead of angry about it, which I'm sure you've felt your fair share of. I hope today finds you comforted and well! xoxo

  6. I'm so sorry for you loss. You guys sound like you were great friends!

  7. Thinking about you Ashton! It's hard to deal with any unexpected loss, but I'm so glad the two of you had such a wonderful friendship.

  8. The state of South Carolina is so small. I went to high school and middle school with Fleming and I remember hearing about her loss when it happened. Heartbreaking.

  9. i am so sorry about your friend. praying for you and your friends family.

  10. Sucha kind, heartfelt post Ashton! I'm so sorry for your loss, but happy that you got to have someone so special in your life!


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