September 13, 2011

Gameday with TBS Week 2

This past weekend I headed up to Clemson, SC.  This is not my normal destination on a Saturday, but a bunch of my friends from Charleston were going so I decided to go, too.  Clemson played a small in-state college, Wofford.  I have several friends who went there and go there, so I knew I would see a few friends that I don't get to see that often.  It was a fun weekend complete with a midnight booze cruise on Lake Hartwell.

Typically, orange does not fall in my color wheel {a la Leigh Anne Tuohy} on Gameday.  In efforts to be a good friend and a good fan, I wore a dress from Vestique that was not overly orange.  I proudly wore my Beat Georgia button.

Heather and I
Heather graduated from Clemson.  I stayed with her and her boyfriend, Eddie, who also graduated from Clemson.  Our close friend, Gregg, who is in law school with us was friends with Eddie in college.  He grew up in Clemson. 

Gregg, Heather, Eddie, and I 

We busted out the karaoke tunes to liven up the tailgate.  I think I need to add karaoke to my special interests on my resume. 

Shannon, Richard, Russ, and I
Jonathan and I 
In honor of 9/11, it was military appreciation day.  Prior to 1960s, Clemson was an all-male military college.

The Summerall Guards from The Citadel preformed at halftime.  I have had the privilege to watch the Marine Corps silent march, but this was the first time I had seen The Summerall Guards.

I left the game at halftime to catch the remainder of the Carolina-Georgia game.  I meet up with Elizabeth and Kathleen at The Esso Club.  It was an intense second half, but we came away with the victory Between the Hedges.  Go Cocks!

Kathleen, Elizabeth, and I
With everyone coming away victorious on Saturday, there was some celebrating that night.  Definitely a wonderful Saturday Down South.

Head over and share your Gameday pictures with The Belles of Saturday.



  1. Wow, you are a good friend. Cameron is dragging me to cow-town next weekend for their game against FSU and I plan on wearing something VERY neutral. I do plan on having fun though. :)

  2. What a fun game day! I love that dress

  3. Confession: These photos, and all those on Saturday Belles is really making me sad to live so far away from SEC football!

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  5. Love your post! I live 20 mins from Clemson!
    I am also giving away a t-shirt necklace/scarf away on my blog! Check it out!

  6. What a good sport by wearing a little bit of orange! Cute dress.

    And yes ma'am, I'm in regular ole federal income are SO sweet to offer your outline. I would love to look at it. My email is Seriously, bless your heart.

  7. YES, YES, YES! You MUST put karaoke on the resume--what law firm wouldn't want that, hehe!?


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