July 15, 2011

Friday Fancies: Summer Chic - WaterFest Round 1

If y'all didn't know, today marks the start of the BEST ten days of summer!!  Why you ask is so special about the next ten days, including today?  The 56th Annual Beaufort Water Festival kicks off today.  I know several of you have had the joy of experiencing all of the fun WaterFest and Beaufort has to offer.  For those who have not, I will sum up WaterFest in that it is a huge party on the river and waterfront. 

Each night is celebrated with live music along the waterfront of the Beaufort River.  Each night is themed from Motown Monday, Tropical Tuesday, and Lowcountry Boil night on Thursday.  By day, everyone takes the boats out to the sandbar that sits in the middle of the Beaufort River.  The Festival is complete with arts & crafts, ski show, air show, parade and various other sporting events leading up to the festival.  WaterFest is a great mix and balance of family-friendly fun and party-crowd fun.

I will be heading home this afternoon to join in all the fun, sun, and friends.  WaterFest is that time when everyone comes back in town.  Or, they simply plan summer vacations around WaterFest.  Earlier this week I twitted that I was debating whether I was more excited about WaterFest or HP7.  Well, my friends, I am definitely more excited about WaterFest!  I start looking forward to these ten days as soon as they are over.

If money grew on trees, this is what I would be fancying this Friday...

Tonight, one of my closest friends, Allen, is hosting his annual WaterFest lowcountry boil cookout.  Most of our evening will be spent at his house until we decide whether or not to head downtown/waterfront.  See all the bars in Beaufort are along the waterfront.  It offers a nice breeze and beautiful scenery both day and night.  The rest of the weekend will be spent on the boat. {AHH heaven!}

Check out the first minute or so of this video for some Beaufort scenery.  If you want to watch all 17 minutes, well, then so be.

Pictures from last year's WaterFest...

Jake, Allen, and I
Melissa, Tommy, Chip, me and Allen
Melissa and I 
Party on the sandbar...just the back half of the bar.
1/3 of our party barge...yes, that is outriggers as flag poles.

If you have been to WaterFest please share your favorite memory! I am looking for any takers for Round 2 next weekend!



  1. I'm with you, I wish money grew on trees there are so many cute outfits I want to buy. Have a great day girl :)

  2. I love Beufort. Like, wish I lived there love it! Have fun...I will be checking back for your recaps, trying not to be jealous!!!

  3. Have fun this weekend! Sounds like a great time!

  4. i'm from beaufort! this is the first water festival we are missing because we are off to the mountains for a wedding. i hope you have SO much fun!!!

  5. Sounds like an absolute blast! Be sure to post pics after :) And, have fun!

  6. WaterFest sounds right up my alley--enjoy!!


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