July 14, 2011

Southern Summer Nights

During the summer, it is rare for the weather forecast not to call for a little rain every day.  Living on the coast, it is something you become accustom to and learn to embrace it.  I, personally, love a good thunderstorm as long as I don't have to drive it.  I really love them when I can do this...

Watch the storm roll in off the ocean...

from a big porch...

while curled up in a hammock...

sipping on a cocktail/sweet tea...

and a good book in hand.

OHHhh! The simplicity of a southern summer night.

P.S. How do y'all like the new look?



  1. Love the new look! And, I love watching thunderstorms from a porch!

  2. I love thunderstorms as well...simply because they break the heat...sometimes

  3. Couldn't agree more--there's nothing like a good summer thunderstorm!

    Also, liking the fresh, new look!

  4. The title reminds me of "Maybe It Was Memphis" LOVE it!! and I agree, I love watching thunderstorms roll in off the ocean too...so mezmerizing!


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