July 21, 2011

Wanna Take a Back Road

I think one of the most overlooked simple pleasures in life is driving in your car.  Take away the hustle and bustle of rush hour, take away the crowded downtown streets, and take away the road ragers.  You are left with the joy and freedom of being able to go where ever you want. {within reason}  Nowadays, a car is purely how we get from point A to point B, rather than a way to see the world around us.

I love getting of the interstate every now n' then and take a back road.  Or simply drive for no reason, ya know the typical Sunday drive.  Every time I go home, I get to just drive and enjoy the scenery around me.  Highway 17 between Charleston and home is still mostly only two laned.  I will select a random playlist and just get "lost" in my own thoughts for a little while.

I want to take a drive down a dirt road, a mountain road, or a hilly, curvy road and have no plan or purpose...

Who is with me?  Let's take a roadtrip.

Happy Birthday Jana!




  1. i love that country song, "makes me want to take a backroad" i've been singing it every since i read this post!

  2. Yes I enjoy a little driving sesh as well..windows down music up! Love that time

  3. Love all those shots...nothing like being on the open road in the summer time :)

  4. You are totally right- I look at my car as transportation from A to B. That's not cool! Lol! When we were little we took a trip from Michigan out to Yellowstone and drove the whole way and stopped at so many cool places. I need a road trip kind of vacation soon!! :)

  5. I love taking a drive. Even down Log Hall when I only have a few minutes. Really leaves you with your thoughts.
    Hope you've had a fantastic waterfestival!

  6. My favorite trips are always ones through backroads, especially along the countryside!

  7. awww I am just now seeing this!! Thank you Ashton! I am so behind on blogging and emails! Loveee my shoutout :-)


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