July 18, 2011

WaterFest Weekend One

Well, the first weekend of WaterFest 2011 is in the books and it was definitely one to remember.  My abs genuinely hurts from all the laughter.  My group of friends at home are hysterically witty and sarcastic.  No person or topic is off limits.  I promise you are going to get picked on and you better pick right back.  It is hard not to have a good time when you are surrounded by people like that.  It also doesn't hurt that you are surrounded by views like these...

As I said earlier, the festivities got kicked off with my friend Allen's annual WF cookout.  We feasted on lowcountry boil and plenty of beer to wash it down.

I was quite taken by a particular green velvet chair that was in the downstairs "party room" and the handmade bunny that occupied it.

That bunny is circa 1986.  It reminded me of a similar bunny that my mom had sitting on our bay window seat for most of my childhood.  She might have discarded it in 1999 OR it might still be there.  Not really sure.  Either way, I was mesmerized by the bunny and its long ears.

I had fives on that chair for most of the night....it was my unofficial throne.

Prime example of my wearesofunny friends:

After much delay from our more than hungover captain and a few hiccups with the boat, we got on the boat around 2:30.  Much, much later than I wanted, but all in all, it was perfect timing for the sandbar and such.  The best part of WF is that I get to see all my friends at one time and all the ones that I don't get to see as often as I would like.  We had near perfect weather.  I am talking temps in the high 80s and low 90s. {It was like having a cold front come in}

The fellas - Chip, Ryan, Tommy, and Allen
and with the ladies
The unofficial beverage of the sandbar and the rivah is definitely bud light.  In mine and Elizabeth's case, it was Budweiser.  #dontcareifyoujudge  We had a case left over from the Fourth and decided they needed to be drank.  I mean I love bud light and is my beer of choice, but there is something refreshing about a "real" beer every now and then.

Of course, we had the special edition American flag cans.  I hope they just keep them for all of eternity.  Towards the end of the day, we found this jewel and didn't leave.  I am about to purchase one for myself.

We pulled anchor around 7:45 and headed home.  After a good five hours in the boat, this girl was pooped.  Elizabeth and I thought wisely enough to forego downtown on the second night.  One night out and a day on the boat was enough for us.  After a late lunch with my family on Sunday, we headed back to Charleston and the reality of school and work.  Yeah, Friday you can go ahead and hurry up.  Second weekend is always the more rowdier of the two.  Preparing myself now!



  1. That looks like so much fun and it looks like y'all had perfect weather!

  2. That lowcountry boil looks delicious!

  3. man this looks like such a fun time! Right up my alley!!!

  4. the shrimp boil!! i love it! we did one for a tailgate last year and it was the best!! although the sausage was fought over.

  5. A night on the town followed by a day on the boat with good friends? It sounds like the perfect time, and I hope the 2nd weekend is somehow even better!


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