August 15, 2011

I Am Delighted to Introduce...

Who and what are The Belles of Saturday you ask?!

Jana and I have collaborated to start a blog completely devoted to Saturdays in the south.  Not to be excluding other regions of the country, but our main focus will be on the teams and towns of the SEC and ACC.  We encourage any outside the region to guest post about football in other areas of the country.

We will be featuring gameday fashion, tailgating recipes, and mini football lessons.  Each week one town from the SEC and one town from the ACC will be highlighted.  Personal input is greatly appreciated and wanted.  If you went to a school in the SEC or ACC, please let us know all about your football experience.  We are planning to do a weekly link-up on Monday for tailgating slash gameday pictures and weekend wrap-ups from across the football landscape.

Head on over The Belles of the Belles and find out why we love football so much!



  1. Wahoo! Love it! (Go GAMECOCKS I might add)

  2. so excited I stumbled upon this and your blog, excited to follow along, Go Cocks!

  3. Love it!! Although, I'm mainly in it for the daytime drinking... my fave sport of all. Love your blog! Check out mine when you have a sec!


  4. This is so cute. I love the idea!


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