August 4, 2011


I wanted to share some random thoughts and observations I have had this past week...

Why do couples flock to the dance floor when the song "Friends in Low Places" comes on?  We went to  Reds Icehouse this past weekend to see my favorite band, Homemade Wine.  When they played the first chords of Garth's most famous song, all these couples rushed the dance floor.  Many were slow dancing and others were doing a variation of the shag.  I found this very odd.  Do they not realize the song is about a girl's ex-boyfriend showing up at her wedding to kick her husband's a$$?

One of Elizabeth's guy friends flew in from Texas for her birthday.  While we were at Reds, he made the comment that all the guys there were dressed the same, i.e. polo, khakis, and loafers.  When I say polo is goes beyond the Ralph Lauren brand, it catches all such collared shirts.  When I say khakis, I am referring to the style and fabric rather than the color.  Loafers are anything from boat shoes to drivers.  I have never really given much thought to the seemingly "uniform" of southern gentleman, because it is just the norm.  I suppose in certain parts of the country the SG uniform is not as common or widely worn.

I finally went one weekend this summer without someone I know getting engaged.  Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled and excited for everyone of my friends that has gotten engaged this summer, but it is a constant reminder that I am single.  Thanks!  Yet, again, I am happy being single and were I am at in my life, but still...ya know how it is.  Also, all these summer engagements mean summer weddings in 2012.  The summer, I will be studying for the bar and won't be able to make it to half of them.

Early this week, I watched Life As We Know It.  It is a cute movie and if you have seen it, you should.  The parents of a precious one-year-old tragically die in a car accident.  They leave their daughter to their best friends, who are not married and have had a interesting romantic past.  As I was watching the movie, it got me thinking who I would leave my future children to {outside of my family}.  Something to ponder.



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE a southern guys attire! so sexy-hehe

    I am with ya on the engagements! Single girls rule (kinda) It just means we can take advantage of every date we get asked out on :)
    Next year is gona be jam packed

  2. I've totally noticed the southern guys uniform too! It's really funny if you ever look in their closet and see variations of the same thing all lined up next to each other. Must be pretty easy to get dressed every day!

  3. Thank God you had one weekend, hahah. and I love the Southern gentlemen attire, but people from around here def notice it!


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