August 11, 2011

Last Hooray!

Thank y'all for all my wonderful birthday messages! They definitely made my day.  My Mom and Nana drove up to Charleston on Monday to have lunch with me before I had to jet off to first-year orientation.  I have been busy with that for the past two and half days.  I have been meaning to sit down and recap my weekend in the country, and just have not had the time for several reasons.  One reason I will partial reveal tomorrow!  Let's just say for now that y'all should get excited.

So here is my weekend in a few pictures...

Hey boys! 
The guys are standing in the "library" of the "party barn."

Connolly and I
It was Connolly's birthday that Saturday. 

Connolly, Laura Anne, and I
 LA and Cole were so gracious to have us for the weekend!

Just your average water buffalos on the wall.
Vintage Dale Jr.
Comfy recliners.
One of the rooms in the "party barn" had about eight of these comfy red leather recliners.  All sitting in front of a 50+ inch TV.   

Trey and Miss Bella
Anthony, Nate, Luke, and Cody

Here is where the night went from normal to partay...

Charleston  bloggers come to Social tonight at 6:00!  Looking forward to meeting everyone.



  1. looks like a great birthday celebration! love your dress too you are wearing. have fun at the blogger social time tonight! too bad i live too far away to attend

  2. Great pictures.......Looks like soooooo much fun! I would Love a place like that to go stay!


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