February 14, 2011

I Heart You!

Hello, all my lovely followers! I love each and everyone of you.
I started blogging almost two months ago.  It has been so rewarding, inspirational, and a source of happiness for me.  I owe that all to y'all! This is the first Valentine's Day in some time that I have been single, yet I am not without lots of love.

I have learned through the years that this day is about sharing love with everyone in your life not just the significant other in your life.  Heather and I have a special roommate date planned tonight to express our love for each other.  It will include dinner at home, a fro yo trip for free V-day toppings, and possibly topped off with a $10 bottle of champagne from our favorite bar, Midtown.

On this day of love, it is hard not to think about that certain someone you would like in your life.  I don't know all the traits that I want that person to have, but I do know the things that I don't want to see in that person.  I saw this picture the other day.  And, it got me thinking, what would I choose...

Of course, everyone would saw good looking.  I mean who is going to say I want to date someone ugly!  Everyone has different taste anyway...It is all in the eyes of the beerholder be holder.
But, what about the other two?  Do I want someone who is in check with all of his emotions or someone I can carry on a philosophical debate with?  After some pondering, I decided that he needed to be intelligent because then he would be smarter enough to know that I am always right.  Furthermore, he would needs to have a sense of humor that matches mine.  If not, we would flop in a heartbeat.  Finally, he has to be supportive of my dreams and goals.  Everything else compromisable.

I was given some great relationship many years ago by one of my youth pastors.  He told me that I need to pray for my future husband.  Not in the sense that I should pray for God to give me a boyfriend/relationship.  But, that I should pray for him as a person - that he be raised in a Christian home, that his mother taught him proper manners and behavior, that his father taught how to treat a lady and to be a gentleman, that he learned to love faithfully.  

For any of you that are single, I hope this advice helps you.  It is something I think about on a regular basis.  For those that are in relationships, I hope this is true for you relationship and that your love grows strong on this Valentine's Day.

In other news.......
The most wanted man in South Carolina - Jadeveon Clowney - decided he was going to be my Valentine!  J.C. is a Senior at South Pointe High School in Rock Hill, SC, and he is the top recruit in the country.  And, he will be playing defensive end at the University of South Carolina in the fall!

September 3rd cannot get here fast, enough! 



  1. What a wonderful post! I hope you and Heather enjoyed your date :)

  2. Great post!... and you couldn't be more right about what V-day is really about!

    If I had to choose two of the three qualities, the funny thing is that I think I would choose intelligent and emotionally stable... don't get me wrong I love good looking men... lol maybe it's because I've been with someone who isn't emotional stable before... and I've also been with someone who isn't very intelligent and I don't want to experience either again! haha

    Hope you enjoyed your roomie date!


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