February 24, 2011

Power of Prayer

Prayer is the most powerful healer...at least in my opinion.  Prayer heals a multitude of ills, discomforts, and stresses.  I know a special, young girl that needs all the prayers she can get right now.  Kenzie was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma on Tuesday.  She is in school with my sister, and they are on the same cheerleading squad.  Her aunt's mom was my nanny from the time I was nine months until I was ten.

I have known Kenzie since she was little.  She is one of those children that always had a smile on their face.  She has a bubbly personality and is always well-mannered.

She started treatments today at the Medical University of South Carolina.  Please read her story in her own words.  Kenzie's life has been turned upside down in the matter of days.  I ask you to pray for her and her family.

Also, I ask you to pray for Emily's friend who is expecting.  Doctor's have found some abnormalities with her baby.  Please lift up her friend and her sweet baby.

If you are not a praying person, please just keep this wonderful people and their families in your thoughts.  Finally, I ask you to say an extra "I love you," today.  We never know when tragedy or unexpected circumstances is going to change our lives forever.



  1. I will add her to my prayer list!

  2. will definitely keep her in my prayers...so sad so sad.

  3. Praying. Tragedy certainly does change us forever.

  4. ... Things like this are always so hard. I will keep her in my thought and prayers. It's sometimes amazing what prayer and I hope that she will make a miraculous recovery.


  5. Definitely praying for sweet Kenzie! And thank you for asking for prayers for my friend. She went in for tests at 12:30 and is still at MUSC waiting on results.


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