February 9, 2011


I love me some What I am Loving Wednesday! Link up with Jamie.

I'm loving my most recent masterpiece from Bottles n' Brushes.  Bottles n' Brushes is an art studio in Mt. Pleasant that guides you through a different painting each night.  While you paint you can sip on your favorite wine and munch on your favorite snack.  My roommate - Heather, a friend from law school - Caroline, and I went last night.  We are far from Picassos, but we had fun nonetheless.

SC Palm Reader
With our masterpieces...I love how everyone's looks different!
I'm loving that I will be in D.C. tomorrow!  As I mentioned last week, I am heading to D.C. tomorrow on a law school field trip.  I will be attending the Conservative Political Action Conference.  I am obsessed fascinated with all things D.C.  I interned in Summer 2007.  Ever since, I have been dying to get back up there to work, live, and play.

I have this map almost memorized. I miss quality public transportation.

I wish I could share with y'all some of my pictures from that summer, but they are not on my current computer.  I had a wonderful time, loved the work I did, and made some amazing friends.  We still keep in touch today.  Not surprising at all, five of us (out of our group of eight) are in law school.  I lived two blocks from the blue/orange line stop at Foggy Bottom - basically George Washington University - in the heart of the District.  I was walking distance to Georgetown (during the day), and spent many afternoons shopping on M Street.  Our group discovered all the decent happy hours, because it is too expensive to drink any other time.  I got to take an after-hours tour of the West Wing and got to peak into the Oval Office. Swwooonnn!  I was there for the 4th of July and it was nothing less than spectacular.  Every American should experience the 4th of July in the nation's capital.

I'm loving my organic mani/pedi that I got today using my Groupon.

I'm loving this kid...

I promise you that my future son or daughter will don a similar outfit around the age of six.

I'm loving that baseball seasons starts next week!

I'm loving these words...

Hope everyone had a a lovely Wednesday!  And, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I will try to blog, if I have time, this weekend.  If not I will see y'all on Sunday!



  1. Love this quote... I may snag it and put it on mine! :) Thanks for sharing and can't wait to hear about DC!

  2. I love your Bottles 'n Brushes painting!! I've been meaning to see if they have a club like that in the Twin Cities; I think it would be SOO much fun!! I've never been to DC before, have a great time!!

  3. Love the BnB painting! I'm doing it on the 22nd and can't wait! Have fun in DC! You should meet up with Savannah!


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