April 22, 2011

Friday Fancies: Exam Season

If you ever wanted to know what a bunch of crazy, stressed-out, caffeine-crazed, sleep-deprived lunatics looked like...well you should come pay me a visit at the lawbrary sometime during the next two weeks.  If you want a really good look, come right before my Business Associations final.  I should be good and primed at that point!

Welcome to Exam Season!
Today was my last day of classes as a 2L!  Can I get a whoot, whoot?
That only means the real work begins.  For those of you not in the know about how law school exams/grades work, I will fill you in.

I have ONE exam per class that will cover all of the material from the semester.  The exam is graded on a curve {i.e., so many people will get As (like 3) & so many people will get A-s, and B+s, etc.}.  My grade on that ONE exam will be my grade for the class.  The make-up of the exam depends on the teacher and the subject.  Some subject don't lend themselves to multiple choice questions.  Two of my exams will be a mix of MC and essay; one will be all MC.  I prepare for exams by first making an outline {black letter law} of the class, that is followed by making flashcards, then a more condensed outline (like 3-4 pages), and finally I will do practices problems.  By the time, I get my exam I have "written" the course probably four times and have a rough idea of how I will answer the essay question depending on the facts I am given.
And, lets not forget, I am working on my upper-level writing requirement that is due May 7th, but this girl will be enjoying Margarona on Cinco de Mayo.  Therefore, it will be done before then!

Now, all of you know more about law school exams than you ever wanted to know, I am sure of it.  If you wanted to know because you were considering law school, you are reconsidering and wishing I had not said anything.

During exam weeks, fashion, make-up, and showering {at times} is out the window.  I throw on what is clean, because I have not had time to do laundry.  Sweats and t-shirts are the preferred attire.  I want to be as comfortable as possible well I sit in the same spot for 12 {plus} hours.  My Friday Fancies this week is very representative of that.  Hop over and tell {av} what you would wear today if the sky was the limit.

Diet Coke and lottssss of it!

I don't drink coffee, red bull, or any other energy drinks.  Diet Coke is the only thing that gets me through the day.  If a doctor would sign-off on an IV of DC, I would be all over it {no matter the cost}.  Just to give you a little idea of how much I drink during exams, I brought case of DC to the library in December and kept in the fridge so I wouldn't run out during the day!

All of that being said, I have come up with a fun little "giveaway."  Starting today, I am going to count how many DCs I have between now and the afternoon of May 5th at 1:00 when my last exam begins.  I would like each of you to take a guess at how many.  The one closest to the total will win a prize!  I am not sure of the prize yet, but I promise it will be something awesome.  I will ponder over the weekend, and let you know on Monday.  I will count my drinks at a meal as one, since I usually get refills and that would be too much to keep count of.

I will take guess up until May 4th at midnight.
Start guessing...1, 2, 3...GOOO!



  1. ha I love that you put diet coke in here! I prefer regualr myself, but it's such a "comfort drink" Even when I was like 8 and I wasn't feeling good or stayed home sick from school, my mom would be like, "do you want a coke, will that help you to feel better.." hahaha

  2. Good luck on your exams! The outfit looks perfect to study in! I'm guessing you will drink 27 cans of DC. Have a great weekend!

  3. This is what I will be wearing Sunday afternoon when all the egg hunting is over with! ;)

  4. I'm going with 50 drinks. I think you'll have about 4 a day give or take a little. Good luck Ashton!!

  5. Good luck! We have very similar study habits, I'm the queen of condensing a semester's worth of notes into a concise outline and if I have good notecards I can memorize anything in a very short time! Good luck, I've been sporting Nike shorts, tee shirts, and tennishoes a lot lately, myself!

  6. i'm going to go with 21! good luck ashton - p.s. i'll be e-mailing you back soon!

  7. Ha ha...I used to drink Diet Coke EVERY day - it was my coffee because I didn't drink coffee.

    About a year ago I gave it up and started drinking water with Crystal Light Drink Mix packet in Wild Strawberry with Energy! It's got caffeine in it and now I think I'm addicted to them!

  8. My sister is in law school at Alabama. I get to hear about exams, and they don't sound like fun. Good luck!

    I guess that you drink 40, although I'm being conservative.

  9. I'll go with an entire case!! Happy Easter - and happy studying!

    I just cracked up at your "fluent in sarcasm" line about yourself...I may have to steal that one!

  10. As always, your Friday’s Fancies post made me smile SO much. I'm always impressed with the fortitude all of you guys have with your crazy exams...I couldn't do it. You deserve to have as many DCs as you possibly need...I always like to tell myself that Diet Coke is somehow better for you than coffee haha. Much love, girlie! xoxo {av}


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