April 21, 2011

Little Fish Jewelry

Are you looking for some beautiful earrings for the summer?
Well, you are in luck!

I present to you Little Fish Jewelry.  The creator of Little Fish is married to a long-time friend of my family.  All of the pieces are handmade and most are 14kt gold.  I recently purchased a pair of earrings for my roommate's birthday. 
{she already knows this, because I can't keep a secret.}

I love everyone of Lissy's pieces.  Each is given a nautical name.  They are very versatile from day to evening.  I encourage to shop around for a little and see what you find.  Keep in mind all of her pieces are handmade, so new stuff can be found each time and it can be gone just *like*.

Here are a few of my favorite...

Island Glamour
I WILL be purchasing these soon!
Golden Coral
Blue Sponge
Coco Cay
Sweet Grass

Which are your favorites?

If you are planning a trip to Hilton Head this summer stop by Black Marlin Bayside Grill and Skull Creek Boathouse to see her jewelry in person and to get some delicious seafood.

Happy Thursday!



  1. Oh wow! I love all of those! So simple but SO gorgeous!!

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  2. can't wait for my birthday present! :)

  3. adore. i want the last pair. love this post. if you get a free second stop by and check out my latest celebrity trend report. xoxo


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  4. My two favorites are the Golden Coral and the Coco Cay! Thanks for sharing; hope you've had a good week!

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!! I awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award on my blog today, Sister!


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