April 4, 2011

Music Magic

I love music.  I don't know how much time I waste on iTunes browsing music.  I mean it is not a lot, but when I get on a kick I can stay on for hours.  Pandora has helped in my musical adventures and my search for phenomenal jams.

I love music award shows to see the great collaborations artists come up with.  The Grammys this year had nothing for that I thought was outstanding.  Now last year was a different story...
Elton John and Lady Gaga
Yes, I have the song on my iTunes.  I love EJ and Gaga, well, I can take her or leave her depending on the song.

The AMCs offered a special treat this year.
Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler
Yes, please.
Ready for this to be released to iTunes.  Both of them are favorites.

This song may or may not have been my theme song for a hot second this past year.

Then Mr. Charleston proves, again, just how awesome he is...

Can't wait to see Darius/Hootie in concert in August.  They play every year at the Family Circle Cup on Daniel Island.  It is always a good time!

Life would just be boring without music.



  1. I really LOVE Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler together!
    I even reposted the YouTube link.
    She was AWESOME!!!
    Have a Great week!

  2. I would have given anything to watch the ACM Awards, but they're not shown in Ireland at all. Thank you for the links - I will try to watch as much as I can via YouTube.

    Love your blog!

  3. The Carrie Underwood/Steven Tyler WAS really great - all your songs here are good!


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