April 4, 2011

Recipe & Random Thoughts on the Weekend

Hello loves!
How was everyone's weekend?
Mine was wayyy too short.
I feel like it never even happened.

I am guest posting at Home Away from Home today.  Jenna lives in South Africa with her boyfriend and is in grad school.  I consider her one of my best blog friends.  I was honored to post for her while she is taking a vacation with her BF.  Go see how I balance everything in my crazy, busy life.

Here is the recipe I promised from last week for Red Velvet Whoopie Pies.  These things are amazing.  It is like have a cake as a cookie.  I got the recipe from Brown Eyed Baker.  This particular recipe yields two dozen cookies so there is plenty to share.  Make sure you store them with wax paper in between because if not they will stick together and crumble.  They still taste good crumbled.

All the ingredients. 
Dry ingredient mixture.
Wet ingredient mixture.
Wax paper is a must!
Finished product!

Now for some random observations from this past weekend...
1. One of my good friends played the BEST April's Fools joke on me.  I will leave names out, but here is the jest of the story.  She told me she had a late night convo with this boy that she had been telling me she was not interested in and that now they were kinda sorta dating.  Keep in mind this was Friday morning after I had been in the library until midnight, there was no recognition that it was April Fools.  My reaction: lonnnngggggg pause (like awkward silence, long pause)...............my exact words, "Are you okay with this"?  I mean I am suppose to be happy for my friend, but she had been telling she wasn't interested and that he wasn't fun to be around and on and on.  Has she been lying to be me this whole time?!?  She couldn't keep it up for too long and spilled the beans.

2. The older my sister gets the more she acts like me.  It's really funny, because we are complete opposites in most aspects.  But, we are both very independent ladies.  Word to the wise...if guy requires a needy, clingy, emotional girlfriend, he does not need to apply at the Daley household.  I am not a mushy, gushy girl.  I will show my love for my future boyfriend(s), but it will fall under moderate not excessive.

3. Forever 21 sale associates need to know what pieces they have in store and where they are.  I understand they have boocoodles of clothes, but some general idea is good.  I was looking for a navy one-button blazer that was regular blazer material.  See very specific. "Uh, we don't have anything like that." Yes, you do...a friend of mine just got that very jacket this week.  Thirty minutes later my mom found it for me.  Didn't have my size. Bummer.  I have been a sales associate (J.Crew) so I can be critical of sales associates.  It is not a hard job...know where the clothes are, know what the sales are, and know the customer.

4. I was one point away or rather two points away from winning $300 on Saturday.  Had Kentucky made its first attempt at a three-pointer in the last minute of the game, I would have been $300 richer.  Thanks, Kentucky!  
But on the flip side, Carolina swept Kentucky in baseball this weekend.  It all evens out. 

5. Boys are dumb. Period.

Anywho...my I talked to my Stella & Dot stylist and she has agreed to keep my "party" open online for two more weeks.  If you would like to purchase anything go here, select Ashton under the hostess link in the upper right hand corner.

Back to that weekly grind!  Have a great week, friends!



  1. those look so good - i love red velvet. I'm on a diet though. And I know the sales associate feeling but it actually happened to me at jcrew - I feel like I know their inventory better than they do

  2. Yum, I might have to make those. I completely forgot about April Fool's Day as well...woops.

    Ugh, and I feel the same way about being independent. I'm not needy/clingy and I don't want the other person to be either. So annoying.

  3. OMG! I totally agree about Forever 21! You can't ever ask them anything! :) Those whoopie pies look DELISH! I love anything red velvet!

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  4. I'm calling BS on the blazer. Just see if I don't find it tomorrow in which I will promptly put it on hold for you.

  5. These look so yummy - I'm a sucker for anything red velvet!

    And yes - boys are stupid (they can't help themselves) and I also agree with you about sales associates, I was also one and it isn't that hard.

    Hope all is going well - I'm excited to get back into my blog routine again :)

    ps Thanks again for guest posting!


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