April 13, 2011


Definitely needing some lovin' today...
Rushing out of the house this morning at 8:40 to make it to my 9:00 Criminal Procedure class...
My car won't start!
AC is working, radio is working, lights are working...so it is not my battery.
Yep, my starter is out.  I just got it replaced in November, so luckily it is still under warranty.
Now, that I am all frazzled, I need to find a ride to school.  Roomie has already left because she had to get to school early this morning.  All my other friends at school have the same 9:00 class.
Who saves the day?  Miss Elizabeth.

Thank you so much friend!  Therefore, I am obviously loving my awesome friend!

I'm loving that I get to see Christa this weekend. {see here}  She is coming into town for Charleston Affair with a friend of hers from D.C. that went to CofC.  I am going to be attending with a friend of mine from law school.

I'm loving my most recent purchase with my tax return money...

I have outgrown my iTouch.  I had taken all of my cool apps off and still did not have enough room for all my music.  Now I have somewhere to put all my music that I find browsing iTunes rather than studying. {see here}  Not sure whether to consider it an upgrade or a downgrade.  I just have a ton of empty space and I love it.

I'm loving my daily gchats with Miss Cambron {Southern Sophisticate}.  We met through our blogs and now we chat everyday about life, law school {me trying to convince her to apply}, boys, and delicious food.  Go check out her blog!  She puts together some of the cutest outfits and has tales about all things southern.

I'm loving this wonderful Southern food bracket put on by Garden & Gun.  YAY! for shrimp and grits being the ultimate southern champion.  Love me some shrimp and grits!

I'm loving Megan's giveaway...a cable knit throw from Joss & Main.

I'm loving these beautiful words of courage and encouragement...

Happy Wednesday Friends!



  1. I'm loving this post :)

    It sucks that your cars starter broke again, but it's a really good thing it's under warranting.... and I love having money from tax returns to spend on whatever I want guilt free!

    Since being back from Clarens my life has been so crazy that I have been able to post once this week - so sad! But tonight is my last test and I turned in a big paper last night so I'm hoping that as from this evening I will be free again! haha

    Hope you have an awesome Thursday!


  2. That is awesome that you had it under warranty! I hate that feeling. It's like you're already running late and then bam, your car won't start. But thankfully you have it working again!

  3. I love the G&G Southern Food Bracket! I was pulling for pulled pork BBQ, but am happy with Shrimp n Grits too. Anything that represents Charleston works for me. :)

  4. What a day you had yesterday! So sorry you had to deal with that, but I'm glad you had a great friend save the day! I love Garden and Gun and their food bracket is too funny!


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