April 20, 2011

One Word: Dedication

Elizabeth and I {and all of the other Carolina fans that attended the game last night} are dedicated to Carolina baseball.  We got to the game thirty minutes before the first pitch and it was SOLD OUT!  Thank you College of Charleston for having a baseball stadium that only holds 2,000 people!

Were we deterred? Nope.

Cheap seats here come.  We grabbed the tailgate chairs that I keep in the back of my car.  Plopped them down behind the left field fence and watched through the thin green mesh.  Along with about 500 other dedicated baseball fans.  The youngins were staying on fence posts.  Silverados were back upped to the fence with people sitting on tailgates and toolboxes.  Where the fence had a billboard cut out was a throng of folks just standing around.

It was so much fun to be seating out there with everyone.  And, being able to enjoy the game.  We won 8-3!

P.S. If you have any single guy friends that enjoy baseball, please show them this post! =)



  1. That is dedication my friend! - But sometimes watching from the tailgate section is the best way!

    Glad your team won!


  2. Love baseball!! I have a good friend that actually plays for them...maybe I'll check on his relationship status for you?! ;) He's hilarious, that's for sure.

  3. I absolutley love your blog! It's great to see one from another sister. LICO <3

    Added you to my blogroll - mine is at: magnoliasmimosas.wordpress.com

  4. What a fun adventure! Baseball is probably my favorite sporting event to attend!

  5. I loveee this post! If I know of any good baseball lovin' guys I will send them your way ;-)


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