April 11, 2011

Simplify Your Life #2

I am all about some organization and trying to make my life more simple.
Sometimes the whole simple thing works and sometimes it doesn't...but at least I try.
I love discovering new ways to streamline my life or niffty new gadgets.

Three things to make your life simpler (see Simply Your Life #1)

Five Minute Shower

Conserve water by only taking a five-minute shower.  With a suction cup on the back, this timer adheres to your shower wall.  Flip it over and watch the time fly by.  Spend $5.00 and save hundreds on your water bill.  Not really sure how much you will save, but you will save something.  However, lets be real...I would need another set of arms if I had to take five-minute showers everyday.

Spring Cookie Pan

Do you have an Easter egg-hunt coming up?  Wouldn't this pan make the cutest cookies?  Take your cut-n-bake or break-n-bake cookies to the next level.  Yeah, you actually have to make the cookie dough, but this takes out the hassle of cookie cutters.  Check out Meijer for more cooking and baking gadgets.

Doggie Business Bags

Most of us with dogs probably have a little baggie holder on our leash.  Mine is shaped like a bone.  It is conveniently right there when you need to grab a "doggie bag" when on a walk.  With everything going green, shouldn't your dog?  These business bags are not your ordinary plastic bag - they are biodegradable.  Get Fido to go green, too!

Now for a little weekend highlights...

I watched Toy Story 3 on Friday night.  It was adorable and funny.  I love Pixar.


If you have been to Disney lately, please tell me you had the chance to ride the Toy Story ride at MGM Disney's Hollywood Studios. {It is MGM for those who went in the early 90s}  If you have not been or didn't ride it, you should plan a trip just to ride it.  While watching the movie, I found out that two of my friends in law school have never been to Disney World. Tragedy!  I told them I need to have a conversation with their parents and that we were going to plan a trip over a Fall Break.

Saturday was near perfect!  I meet up with {av}MeganKatie, and Frankie at the Charleston Farmer's Market. {pics to come later}  We feasted on Nutella crepes, and I got some fresh tomatoes and strawberries.  Following our stroll through the Farmer's Market, I headed to the pool for the afternoon with friends.  At 3:00 we grabbed a bit to eat, headed back to our respective couches to watch the Masters and to take naps before that evening festivities.  Saturday night consisted of birthday festivities and Homemade Wine.  It was so nice to see these gentleman, again.  They have started recording their second album.  I am very excited for them and everything they have got going on right now.
Sunday was school, school, and more school related things.

Two weeks of classes, two weeks of exams, and a monstrosity of a paper stand between me and summer.  I CAN do this!  No big deal...right? WRONG!  The next four weeks is going to be torturous marathon of studying and memorizing.
When is my last exam you ask? May 5th! Helllooo copious amounts of margaritas!

Have a magnificent Monday!



  1. I love that five minute shower product! Looks like a great tool to keep track of your water usage.

  2. Saturday was so much fun and the crepes were amaaaazing. May 5th is so close!!

  3. sounds like a fun weekend!! i took the kids i nanny to see toy story 3 in 3d this summer and i loved it-- barbie and ken were hilarious!

  4. 5 min showers?! ha! I'm with you ... I need at least ONE extra set of arms! :)

    May 5th is SOOOO close! Good luck with everything!

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  5. good luck with exams this month - i know, its brutal, but you'll make it! just think of all the margaritas you get to consume at the end!

  6. Just stumbled upon your blog - I'm in love! Its precious!

    Keep up the great posts :)


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