April 1, 2011

Friday Fancies: Carolina Cup

Tomorrow will be the 79th running of the Carolina Cup.
For those of you unfamiliar with the Carolina Cup, it is the equivalent to the Kentucky Derby for steeplechase racing.

In most circles, it is simply referred to as Cup.  It is THE social event of the spring for college students in the Southeast. {and some post-grads}  It is a rite of Spring in South Carolina.  Lilly and seersucker can be worn after Cup or Easter, whichever comes first.

Close to 70,000 people will descend on Camden, SC at the Springdale Race Course...almost doubling the population of this small midlands town.  The attire ranges from the outrageous to the classy.  The frattier the better.  In all reality, it has nothing to do with the horses, and everything to do with who or what you are wearing.  In the past few years, Cup attire has taken on a life of its on.  Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines have designed custom t-shirts, dresses, and bowties for Cup.  Many girls will be sporting custom dresses by LaRoque.  Emma Graham will be there, too. (see here)

This will be the first year since I was in high school that I will not be attending Cup. Sad day.  My family usually all goes up, but between school and life no of us were able to make it.  It is also a sign that I am getting old, because most of my friends from college aren't going either.  It is definitely geared for college students.  Like any other horserace, it is a glorified tailgate.

My Friday Fancies is brought to you by the colors pink and green, pearls, bowties, and all things Lilly.  Go tell {av} what you are fancying today.

Carolina Cup 2009
Carolina Cup 2009
Cup goes on rain or shine.  Cup 2009 was a miserably rainy day, but we had a good time nonetheless.  And, I do usually try to see the "official" Carolina Cup race at the end of the day.  Cup 2010 was beautiful.  Could not have asked for better weather.

Ainsley's first Cup
D. Brown and I 
Daley and Fowler children

Rather than going to Cup, I will be doing some schoolwork, DUH!...relaxing and taking a break from schoolwork after the week I have had.  Oh! and I will be joined by the 40,000 people that will be participating in the Cooper River Bridge Run

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!  Any big plans?

P.S. If you want to order some jewelry from Stella & Dot, please do so before Sunday. Thanks!



  1. looks like a great event!

  2. I was hoping to make it to a race in VA this year but I don't think its going to work out :(

  3. this is pretty! i would love to attend a steeplechase event, and this sounds like the one to go to. i went to college in atlanta and remember that people would go to certain steeplechase events in the spring, but i don't remember which ones and never had a chance to go...wonder if this was one of them?

  4. I love that one shouldered dress! :)

  5. I loved loved loved this outfit...though I'm sad you couldn't go, at least you could pull together what you would've worn for your Friday's Fancies ;)

    cannot WAIT for Saturday! yay yay yay! xoxo {av}


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