April 18, 2011

I Have A Confession...

....I have a thing for...
Cry Babies
Cocaine Dealers
Amazing Big Brothers
Mob Men
Mad Hatters
Demon Barbers
Psychotic Authors
Colonial Scientists 

Well, just one in particular... 

Johnny Depp 

{you get bonus points if you can name all of those movies, without looking them up}

Hotttt!  I think it is the mysterious look that gets me. 
And, I love every movie he is in, and I am not just saying that because he is starring in them.
The funny thing is...he is the complete opposite of what I would bring home to mom and dad.
Nonetheless, I love him and think he is incredibly good looking!

Well, just my luck...I got to meet his "twin" on Saturday night at Charleston Affair.

Please ignore drunk girl!
My friend Megan (I was her date) is actually friends with him.  But, seriously, does he not look like Johnny? And, his name is John.

Megan and I
Ivy, Me, and Christa - Chi O love
Ivy, Christa, and I were in the same pledge class.  Ivy's boyfriend went to CofC, and Christ came down with friends from D.C. who went to CofC.  It was so nice to see these lovely ladies.

Charleston Affair overall was wonderful.  The weather was near perfect.  Food was delicious.  And, the company could not have been better.  We danced the night away to the sounds of the East Coast Party Band.



  1. I love you for writing a post about Johnny Depp. I have loved that man since way back during his Edward Scissorhands and Cry Baby days. I love all his movies too. The only one I couldn't remember the name of off the top of my head from your list was when he was the crazy author. I saw it but can't remember the name for the life of me! I'll have to google and cheat.
    He makes me swoon. I agree--it's the mysteriousness that is so attractive.
    And I love "drunk girl" in that picture. The look on her face made me laugh!

  2. I also have a thing for Johnny... there's just something about him that irrisistable :) Can't name all the movies, but can name most... Blow, What's Eating Gilbert's Grape, Pirates, Chocolat (i think), Alice and Wonderland, Sweeny Todd... and that's all lol.

    Looks like such a fun weekend!


  3. Johnny Depp is amazing. I loved this post, his picture and that quote! I think I can name all of the movies correctly, which reminds me that I need to watch them all again.

    Lucky you, getting to meet JD's twin (he really looks like him!)


  4. I love me some Johnny Depp too! I can name most of those movies but won't bore you since apparently you already know ;) My favorite Johnny Depp movie & also appearing on my top 5 favorite movies ever is Blow. I remember when it came out I was a kid like 11 or 12 and I watched it with my mom {lol not age appropriate but unlike other kids my age I got to watch rated R movies with parental supervision}.

    Oh and POTC. Swoon. You know the Jack Sparrow at Disney looks JUST LIKE THE REAL ONE and Johnny Depp has made appearance as "Jack Sparrow" in parades and no one knew it was him because duh they are just use to the one that looks like him.

  5. oh and Edward Scissorhands... loved that movie as a kid... creepy, I know.

  6. A.) Johnny Depp is from my hometown, Owensboro, KY.
    B.) I love all JD movies...except Sweeney Todd-too scary.
    C.) East Coast Party band =AMAZING.
    D.) LOVE your dress!

  7. I love Johnny Depp too. He is so sexy. That look, yes.

    Also, when i first started reading and saw cocaine dealers and that you have a thing, I stopped reading and scrolled down to see what this was going to be about. Then I got it. Ha!


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