June 28, 2011

Big Day, Making Big Moves

First up!...I have finally given in and join Twitter!  I am already addicted and adore all the blog love I have received.  I am excited to keep uptodate with all my bloggy frands!  Apparently, I am the only Ashton Daley that wants to tweet, so my name is simply enough...ashtondaley.  Follow me!

Even more exciting...Carolina is one win away from back-to-back National Championships!!

These fellas have been playing some A-MAZ-ING baseball the past few weeks. #extrainningmagic.  It took 13 innings for us to beat UVA on Friday and another 11 innings to beat Florida last night in the first game of the Championship series.  They never give up.  Their mantra of "Win Anyway" is played out every inning.  They play through injuries, they win the unconventional way, and they have fun while doing it.

First Baseman, Christian Walker
Walker fracture a bone in his wrist during Friday's game.  Going in to batting practice yesterday he was still questionable.  With the true grit of an athlete, he said pad the bat and let's see what I can do.  He ended up playing and scoring the winning run.

Three incredible plays at home plate keep Florida from scoring in the 9th, 10th, and 11th innings.  Thank you, Robert Beary.

Jake Williams had a masterful throw from left field to the plate during the 10th inning.

Y'all reallyyyyy needed the play-by-play!

And, I can't forget Mr. Wingo.  THE Man himself!

Celebrating after hitting in the tying run.
Then, there is the the guy with the super-human arm.  Matt Price.  Closer extraordinaire.

Still throwing 96 mph after two days rest.
 READY for tonight!

I love my Gamecocks and this game in general.  I guess with my dad having only girls.  We were required to understands sports and talk about them.  Following a football or baseball game, my dad calls me and we discuss the finer points of the game and how things went.  Something him and his "son" would do, but it is me and my sister.
All in all it is a win-win situation...
1. Most guys are impressed with my sports knowledge.
2. The gentleman on the field aren't bad to look at either.  {Except that ginger pitcher from Florida}

Also...Who agrees with me that guys should be required to wear baseball pants once if not twice a week?



  1. The first baseman and catcher definitely stole the show last night!

    I have two brothers (and one sister) and have learned to "talk" sports over the years too--it really is fun to watch if you understand a bit about the game and how it's played :)

  2. So pumped for tonight! And I definitely like your suggestion for guys wearing baseball pants on a regular basis! :)

  3. You and your dad sound like my dad and me! I am the only child of a sports nut who coached every kind of baseball imaginable when I was growing up. As soon as I was out of diapers, I was tagging along to the baseball field- I even kept the book for him for a couple of his teams! Sounds like you and I could blow most guys out of the water with our sports knowledge- my fiance just shakes his head sometimes :-)
    GOOOO COCKS!! Wouldn't it be amazing if we brought another championship home tonight? Back-to-back sounds really sweet!

  4. WHOO HOO for our boys!!!!!

    ya for being on the twitta!

  5. fingers crossed they bring it home tonight!

  6. I'm a hockey girl, but I do enjoy going to baseball games. And the pants = major plus. You'll love (and be come addicted to twitter) Have a great day!

  7. I love this! I was pulling for y'all, FL did not need to win. Plus, I am a honorary USC fan now since I am bffs with all of you!


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