June 24, 2011

Friday Fancies: Back Home in Omaha

Yay for Friday! And Yay for Friday Fancies!

Hope everyone made it to Friday safely
This weekend is going to be filled with several birthday celebrations.  If the weather holds off, I will be sunning on the beach tomorrow.  Today, my family is coming up for the day.  I am sure we will spend most of the day on King Street doing a little shopping.

All of that is fun and all, but where do I really want to be this weekend....


I want to be cheering on my Gamecocks as they make a run at a repeat national title.  We are one win away from the championship best of 3 series.  If I was really in Omaha and money was no object, this is what I would be wearing.  Head over to {long distance loving} and tell {av} what you are fancying this week.

The P&B polo dress is going on my birthday list.  It is absolutely perfect for gamedays, matched with a belt.  Gameday outfits take some serious planning.  I wish I had $5 for every LBD that I wore in college to games.

I will be a ball of nerves during the game tonight.  I know I can't control the game and its just a game, but I have a deep love for the Gamecocks.  I believe my favorite player/pitcher will be getting the start tonight.  Michael Roth's dad even quit his job so he could see his son pitch in the CWS.  Roth went from a relief pitcher to getting the starting nod for the Clemson game last year at the CWS to starting Friday night ace this season.




  1. We are really soulll sisters because I heart how you create Friday's Fancies about sporting events! Trust me...come September, every single one of mine will be! Have a great weekend!!

  2. It's two months until game day season starts, and I'm already planning outfits! haha! I DIE for those DY pearl earrings. I've been wanting them for forever!! Love your line up here!! Very cute!!

  3. Have fun!! And I saw you're reading The Help - I LOVED the book, you should let me know when you finish it because i've been dying to discuss!

  4. Hope you had fun with the family! We just got back from dinner and my dad and I are watching the game now--you're going down! (hopefully, haha!)

  5. Loving that gamecock polo dress!! and that bracelet!
    Have a super fun weekend!

  6. I wanted to be in Omaha this Friday too (heck I've wanted to be in Omaha during the entire CWS!) When you are a big shot attorney and J and I are back living in Omaha, we will have to go to a game together :)


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