June 14, 2011

I thank God...for the Stars and Stripes...

Happy Flag Day!

It should be known by all now that I love this great nation of ours.  And, that I love the Star-Spangled Banner.  And, that I love the freedom it gives me and you.

They were handing them out at Moe's (not Southwest) tonight...I came home with 3.

I love these three flags flying by each other.
You can clearly make out the American flag.  The one to the far left is the South Carolina state flag and the one on the right is Carolina's 2010 National Champion flag.

So YES! Carolina punched their ticket back to Omaha Sunday night with an 8-2 victory over UConn.

More to come on my weekend in Columbia!



  1. Hey!!! I'd read the reviews for Palmetto Pimento Cheese. If I had any self-control and could keep it my house, I'd order in bulk!!! I swear, I can eat 2 sandwiches at once - love it so much! You can't buy it anywhere in MD!

    You're so lucky to live in Charleston - I LOVE it there!!!

    Happy Wedsesday!

  2. Alright! I'm glad Carolina is heading to Omaha this weekend :) Are you going for any of the games?!

  3. Thank you so much for your advice on my post! I'm actually considering USC and plan on visiting in the fall (it looks like such a great school)! I love your cute blog!!


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