June 21, 2011

Tuesday Ramblings.

Hello, friends!
The past few days have been anything but those lazy, hazy days of summer.  More like the crazy, hazy, hot, humid days of summer.  I went home this past weekend for Father's day.  I still use all my doctors at home, so Friday was chocked-full of doctor's appointments.  Sadly, I missed my Friday Fancies.

When I returned on Sunday afternoon, what did I return to?....

NO Air Conditioning!!!

We are talking it is 85 degrees in my house.  This little incident perfectly coincided with the hottest days of the summer so far.  To say I was miserable yesterday waiting for the repairman to get here would be a gross understatement.  It is suppose to be fixed today.  Thanks for wonderful friends that allowed Heather and I have a slumber party last night.


Over the weekend, I finally finished The Help.  I know y'all probably think I am the slowest reader known to man.  I promise I am not.  It has been sitting on my nightstand since January.  I, however, don't feel like reading anything even if for fun after reading legalese all day.

It was a wonderful book.  And, once I actually had the time to read it, it is a very quick read.  I love how the book is written from the different perspectives.  I am excited for the movie to come out.  The characters look like they are portrayed pretty accurately.


Y'all want to see the laziest dog in the world...

He also thinks he is human and sleeps like one.  He has to sleep under the covers and will lay his head one of my pillows.  Spoiled rotten.


Carolina won their opening game in Omaha against Texas A&M!  We face the Hoos of Virginia tonight. #Allie {temporary hold on our friendship}  During the game, I got this text from my sister.

My uncle wearing his "rally hat" for the Cocks!

Lastly, I am in need of some good book suggestions for the rest of the summer.  I have written down some from other blogs that look really interesting.  So what are y'all reading this summer?



  1. I just started reading The Help too. I like how you say quick read...because for me, not so much. Now that I play 20 words with friends games at a time, no book can be considered a "quick read." Damn.

  2. I can't wait for the movie of The Help to come out! I can't imagine not having AC even for a day in the South during the summer, it is just to hot!

  3. I can't wait for The Help, too!!! The book was so good...I just hope the movie lives up to it!

  4. I was glad to see that Carolina won this weekend :)

    I've been reading The Happiness Project which is really good (and written by a lawyer turned writer in NYC) and just finished The Nazi Officer's Wife (a memoir of a Jewish woman who lived in Nazi Germany and managed to avoid detection during WWII)...they both are very, very good!

  5. i can't wait to see the help. the book was so great, and i just hope they stay pretty close to the book.

  6. Gah, I almost don't want to comment now since your team sent mine (the #1 seeded team) to the losers bracket, ugh!! I will put my anger aside though, haha! I just finished To Kill a Mockingbird and started South of Broad today! Some good book suggestions are: The Same Sweet Girls by Cassandra King; A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson; and The Island by Elin Hildebrand!

  7. The Help was soooo good, wasn't it? I didn't know they were making a movie. Thanks for the info!

  8. So sorry about your heater - It's the worst when that happens on a hot day!

    I just finished the book "The Last Lecture" and absolutely loved it - it's also a quick read, you should check it out!


  9. Go Gamecocks! I'm loving how we are doing in the CWS- they are so much fun to watch!

    I've got book recommendations a plenty, but the one I have most enjoyed lately is The Beach Trees by Karen White. And if you've never read her stuff, check it out- The House on Tradd Street, The Girl from Legare Street, and On Folly Beach are all good ones!

  10. OMGosssh! I love your dog! I have one too, and he is the best :)


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