June 23, 2011


I have had my fancy iPhone for about a month now.  And, I lurve it!  I don't know how I lived without it.  It makes my life a lot easier.  I don't have a GPS in my car, but who needs one when you have a smart phone.  Google maps turns into your own personal hand-held GPS when traveling.  NO more printing out directions for this chica.

I have discovered some wonderful apps that I want to share.

My favorite app...

New song comes on the radio or hear a song in restaurant/bar...what is this song...who sings it?  Shazam!  Song title, album, and artist is given.  This app picks up the song you are listening to {if it is loud enough and clear enough} and tells you who sings it and the name of the song.  Aweseome!

What I Spend the Most Time Doing...

Words with Friends
I currently have seven games going.  Great fun with friends.  It is great finding "new" words to play.  Christina, I promise I will play back as soon as I finish writing this.  If anyone wants to play along my name is ashbrooke87.

Best Utility App

This app is very similar to Urbanspoon, but better.  It provides you with everything nearby.  Gas stations, drugstores, banks, and other stores.

Best Blogger App

Yep, Pinterest has an app.  For pinning on the go!

Best Music App

Of course, I am going to the Pandora app.  I don't have my music on my iPhone, so it doesn't take up too much space.  But when you have Pandora at your fingertips you don't need your own music.  What is cool about his app, it will pause the song you are listening to when a call comes through.  Yeah this might have been a given, but I was pleasantly surprised when it happened.

Best New Game

Flight Control
AHH! This game is so addicting.  It is kinda hard to explain.  You basically land
 planes on different airfields.  Sounds easy right?  Not so much.  There are different colored planes that have to go on specific runways and they are going at different speeds.  Lets just say its fun and I can spend hours on it.

And for those of you that love you some Angry Birds...well I strongly dislike it.  Not fun at all!  Sorry.

Let me know if you have any other favorites!

In other news...
Carolina beat Virginia on Tuesday night 7-1.  We play again on Friday against the winner of tonight's game between Virginia and California.  Having two days off allows the team to rest up, but not all their time is spent in the hotel or practice field.  Yesterday, the team went to Omaha Children's Hospital.

Players: Evan Marzilli, Tyler Webb, Peter Mooney, Christian Walker, and John Taylor



  1. i am out of control. i have 20 games going right now. i'm maxed out and i have games waiting in line, hahah!

  2. My mother-in-law was at that game (and making me really jealous we won't get to see any CWS action this year--going to school in Omaha meant we went every summer)!

    I was in need of some new apps for my phone--thanks for sharing :)

  3. I also like Instagram for pictures...and, it's free! And, the Chase banking one is great for depositing checks just by taking pictures of them (if you bank with Chase).

  4. Ah, I've always been anti-SmartPhone because I'm so addicted to my computer/email as it is, that I don't want to be THAT connected all the time, so I've always said I won't get one unless I need it for my job or something. Lately, though, I've been itching for one and all these fabulous things are really making me want an iPhone!


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