June 6, 2011

New Love: Peacock Plume

Over the short life of this little blog, I have shared only few clothing items that I want or recently purchased.  I am no where near the status of fashion blogger.  This does not mean that I don't peruse the internet all day looking at clothes.  Because believe you me, I do!  Honestly, I just think it is in good taste only to share things that I would actual purchase or own {excluding my Friday Fancies, where anything goes}.  I am not one to swoon over fancy designer brands...well, because frankly I just don't care who made it or where it is from.  With all that being said, I promise to only share budget friendly clothes and the like.

In the vain of budget friendly clothing, I was introduced to Peacock Plume last night via College Prep's Prep Talk.  New love!  It is very similar to Francesca's.  I was browsing away last night during Carolina's rain delay and found so many things I need want.  Here are just a few...

OHH Hello! Gameday dresses!  Almost positive I will own the first LBD in a few days and be wearing to the Carolina-Auburn game.

Any favorites?

In case any of you were wondering, Carolina advanced to the Super Regionals this afternoon.  I really wanted a chance to play NC State this weekend, so Jana and I could talk smack to each other.  No such luck.  We will play the winner of the Clemson-UConn game tonight.  It will be a best of three series in Columbia. Anddd...
I will be attending Game 2!! =)
Happpyyyy girl!

Hope everyone had great weekends! Happy Monday y'all!



  1. not sure how i missed the post on college prepster but im so glad you featured peacock plume again on your blog! off to check out more :) xoxo jillian:: enter in TWO GIVEAWAYS over at cornflake dreams

  2. I love the "Movin on Up Dress" and the tree ring, although they are all pretty wonderful :)

    Good luck to your football team! - I hope you guys play Clemson since Jurgen studied abroad there for a semester :)


  3. I love the Color Me Bad dress!! I'm checking out the website now!

  4. hahaha mannn that would've have been awesome if we could've played each other! dangggit

    and I was on that website this morning, I saw it in her newsletter as well, and they def have some cute stuff!

  5. That ring and coral necklace are to die for! They need to be a part of my wardrobe stat :)

  6. That black lattice dress is beautiful!!! By the way, I live down the street from Francesca's & stop in all of the time...I love that store!

  7. Absolutely love Love LOVE all jewelry pieces!! Must. Have. Them!

  8. Love that black lattice dress and the turquoise necklace. A lot of my friends have that necklace, and now I'm dying for it too. Great looks!

  9. LOVE that black dress. Wonder if it comes in orange....?


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