June 16, 2011

Deep Tracks. Only.

You might be wondering what deep tracks are.  Have you ever just listened to a CD iTunes download all the way through?  Have you ever discovered that #8 track on a album?  And wondered why in the world they don't play it on the radio.  Those are deep tracks.  Those songs that never get played on the radio, and they tend to be better than what is on the radio.

I LOVE me some deep tracks.  I would like to share some deep tracks from three of my current favorite gentleman.  I can't get enough of these songs.  You will notice that these songs don't have music videos. They will mostly be just lyrics on a screen.

First up...Eric Chruch.  I saw him in Greenville, SC, a couple of years ago at a bar.  He puts on a great show and really gets into with the audience.

"What I Almost Was" 
{true story about his life}

"Livin' Part of Life"
{I want to go fishin' tomorrow!}

Second...Darius Rucker.  My homeboy.  I have not seen him perform by himself, but I have him with the Blowfish.  He did some of his own stuff.  Another great live performer.

"Whiskey & You"
{wonderful ballad...and that voice! can't get enough}

"The Craziest Thing"
{I hope someone says this about me one day}

Lastly and probably my favorite...Jason Aldean.  This fella can jam. Period.

"This I Gotta See"

"Texas Was You"
{Did you catch the line..."Carolina was a black car with a big white #3? R.I.P. Dale}

Hope y'all enjoy these deep tracks and found some new favorites.  Have any suggestions for artists that I need to check out?  Or other deep tracks by these artists that are your favorites?

Y'all know I am always looking for new tunes!



  1. I love Darius's "Southern State of Mind"!

  2. I've never heard of the term deep tracks before but come to think of it, some of my favorite songs (especially from the Dixie Chicks, my fav) are deep tracks. More Love, Top of the World and So Hard are faves that come immediately to mind :)

  3. I've found some great deep tracks lately too! You listed a few of my favorite Darius ones :)

  4. wow...this post speaks to my heart! I have always said, since I was like 3, that the songs that aren't realeased are the really good ones. or I can get a brand new cd and pick out the singles that they will put on the radio. Whiskey and You is a great song! and so is every song on Aldean's CD! Most of my favorite songs were never released to the radio!!

  5. I love country music! I havent heard some of these, I like the first Eric Church one!

  6. Ok, I am obsessed with Darius' "Whiskey and You" song. I have that CD, cant believe I haven't heard it.

  7. I never knew they were called "Deep Tracks" but I totally agree! I had heard that Darius Rucker "Whiskey and You" song before, but can't wait to listen to the rest of these!

  8. Love love love this post. Such good taste in music :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. Darius is sooooo talented. Love that guy.


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