June 30, 2011

Essie Love

It wasn't too long ago that I didn't paint my finger nails.  I went au naturale.

Now, I am obsessed {maybe obsessed is a strong word} with nail polish.  I change my nail color at least once a week if not two or three times.  I am a very brand loyal person.  I find something I love and stick with it.  Essie is my go to on nail polish and nail care.

Most of the summer I have been rocking the raving color of Turquoise & Caicos.

It is the perfect turquoise for summer.  I have gotten many complements when I have worn it, even though my dad it not a fan.

I recently purchased Absolutely Shore from the new summer collection.

I decided to try it out last night.  It is almost a toned down version of T&C.  A little more office appropriate.

As I was perusing the Essie website, I find this lovely shade of pink that I am now needing to purchase.  It is out of stock on the website.  Hopefully I will be able to find it at Ulta.

In addition to all of their great colors, I have found some great base and top polishes.  I have very weak nails and they tend to peel when they get too long.  I was in search of a strengthening base coat when I came across the All-in-One Base Coat.  Its description calls for stronger, longer nails in five days.  Believe me it works.  This is probably the best base coat I have ever used.

When I paint my nails, I half the time I tend to be in a hurry for one reason or another.  I need something that will quickly dry my nails.  I will blast them with the hair dryer.  And blow on them.  Shake them around.  In comes Good to Go!  The insta-dry top coat.  Perfect for when I don't have time to read blogs as I let my nails dry.

When I bought Absolutely Shore, I also scored a deal on Matte About You for only $2.99.  I just had to have it for that price.  This top coat gives your nails a matte finish rather than a shiny finish.  I was not sure if I would like the look, but I do!  This one little bottle just doubled my nail polish collection.  It gives you a very different look - like it is a whole new color.  I tried to get a picture of before and after, but the change doesn't show up well in the picture.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to send out a big congrats to Allie for becoming a Mary Kay consultant!  She is hosting a fabulous giveaway and sale for some great MK products.  Here is her site, enter "SUNDRESS" at checkout to get 15% off.  The sale is running through July 15th.



  1. I love all those colors! I would paint my nails more if I didn't do such a hack job every time I paint them.

    It's a vicious cycle. I don't get any better at painting my nails if I don't paint them often and then when I do, I never want to paint them again :)

  2. I've been wearing T&C all summer too! But I'll have to try absolutely shore because that definitely is more office appropriate! I love essie.. can't get enough! ;)

  3. Love Essie!! I am obsessed with painting my nails, and until summer started, I would not leave the house without "naked nails." haha! Sounds a little obsessive, I know!
    Love these colors!!

  4. I used to be the same way - I would paint my toes, but never my nails. But I also became pretty recently obsessed with nail polish - Essie in particular. The cute bottles and great colors did me in and now I'm rarely seen with naked nails :) I haven't tried their top coats - I'll have to scope them out!

  5. I didn't even know Essie had base coats, fast drying polish, etc...for some reason I only thought they did color. I'm so excited about this because I love Essie!

  6. I used to love OPI, then switched to China Glaze, but I'm loving Essie the most now. Those are all such pretty colors. I need to buy mooooooore.

  7. I looove Essie - they are def my go-to nail polish as well :) Often times I just use their quick dry polish to put a clear coat on my nails when I'm in a hurry and it works great!


  8. I bought my first Essie polish about a month ago and LOVE it! It goes on so smooth and doesn't chip for a while! Can't wait to get some new colors!


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