June 3, 2011

Friday Fancies: Road to Omaha Begins

YAY for Friday and the weekend!
As much fun as it was to have friends in town last weekend, I am looking forward to this weekend and it void of events.  Ya know one of those weekends were nothing is really planned and you have time schedule to be on.  Pure bliss if you ask me.

The only things I definitely have planned for this weekend is to watch Carolina play baseball and attending a show with my Nana.  We are seeing A Blast from the Past: A 60s & 70s Rock n' Roll Musical.  The show is part of the Spoleto Festival.

Tonight, Carolina begins its journey back to Omaha and the defense of its National title.  Carolina was selected as the #4 seed overall.  This gives us home field advantage for the regional and super regional if we advance.  I wish I was going to be in attendance tonight.  However, I will be watching with some friends.  Hopefully, I will be eating some wings while I watch.  I have had the oddest craving for wings lately.  It needs to be fixed!

I plan to get tickets to the super regional games, if we advance.  And, there is a good chance that we will play Clemson.  Hello, media hay day!

If I was attending the game tonight, here is what I would be wearing if money was not a worry....

What are you fancying this Friday?  Pop over and tell {av}.

Hope have has a wonderful Friday and even better weekend!




  1. Cute ensemble! Have a good weekend!

  2. Love the outfit...especially those shorts!

  3. I'm obsessed with white shorts and those with the buttons are to die for! Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. How cute are the buttons on those shorts!! Hope you had a fun weekend and enjoyed watching the game!

  5. Good luck Carolina! Sadly Creighton lost this weekend in their regional--we were watching them on one of our laptops on ESPN3.com :(

    Hope they fare better than Creighton did. I really wanted them to play in their new stadium during the CWS. Maybe next year haha

  6. For years, I've wanted to go to the Spoleto Festival...another reason to get back to CHS! :) :) :)

    Loving the polka-dotted top and those shorts...it all works together PERFECTLY. Can't wait for your Friday's Fancies this week! xoxo {av}


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