June 1, 2011

1993 Called...

...and it wanted its phone back!

Well, it was not that bad, but it was pretty bad.  I have finally joined the "real world" and have a smart phone.  I have been rocking a flip-phone since I got my first phone in May 2003.  About the time, I started driving by myself.

I have gone from this...

to this...

OH HEY! Serious upgrade!  My Apple obsession is complete. {see here}
I have had it less than 24-hours, but I love it already and easily navigating all the apps.

Speaking of apps, please send me any suggestions on apps I should get.  I have already downloaded "Words with Friends."  Goodbye, productivity.  My name is ashbrooke87, so lets play!

Today, I begin something I have never done before...summer school. Ugh!  I have class on MW from 9:00-11:30am.  I am taking Wills, Trusts, & Estates with the Estate Guy of South Carolina.  It should be a really good class.  I just have to remind myself that I am doing it so I don't have to take a full-load in the Spring.

Happy Hump Day!



  1. You NEED Angry Birds! Its not a free app (but only 3 or 4 dollars) but its worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!

  2. welcome to the world of iPhones! love mine. like would die without it! :)
    xo::Lauren @ tickled.

  3. Yay! I love Words with Friends and will definitely be adding you so we can play :)

    Taking a lighter load in the spring will be worth it, even if it means taking a class over the summer! J took an intersession course over Christmas break which allowed him to take a lighter load second semester as well and he never regretted it!

  4. How nice! I purposefully haven't gotten a smart phone because I don't want to be that connected/expected to respond to emails completely/etc, however I have a feeling I'll ultimately cave!

  5. I'm so jealous! I want an iphone so bad! But wooohooo for the upgrade!! Good luck with summer school! I was in your shoes last year! It totally sucks.. but it's definitely worth it!

  6. I LOVE my iphone!! Tagged ya in my blog! Go check it out! :) xoxoxo

  7. SO JEALOUS of your iPhone! I am getting one for my birthday, but for now I'm stuck with a huge crack in my screen :( You'll have to post if you find any great apps!


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