March 22, 2011

Blog Sale: JPK Bucket

I bought a JPK Bucket about a month ago.  I love it, but it is too big for me.
I am not a big purse person - in the sense that I don't like big purses and that I don't own a lot of them.
I have three Longchamps - two medium and one large - and a small cross-body.  This is all I use.
Not one to swoon over Louis, Kate, Coach, or any of the sort.  Just don't really care I guess.

Anyways, I would like to offer my JPK up for sale.  I have seriously only had it for a month, so it is in near perfect condition.

I don't have an actual picture with me, because yes I am still at the library.  But, I can send you one if you are interested.  I am selling it for $85...half of retail.



  1. This is funny...I had a JPK for about a month too. I HATED how heavy it was and how everything seemed to get lost in it. Booooo. It's navy so I'm saving it for Auburn games but that's about it.

  2. Oh, LOVE IT! Unfortunately I already own way too many bags for my own good!

    Also...I was given the Stylish Blogger Award with directions to award 5 other bloggers-- I pick you! Check out my post today for more info!

  3. I guess this a dumb question, sinccce the picture is brown, but is it brown, haha I have really been wanting a navy one... or a navy LC.. But I do agree they seem super heavy..


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