March 7, 2011

Holy City Affair

I am one of those few lucky people to call the lowcountry of South Carolina my home.  Now residing in the Holy City, I grew up only an hour south of Charleston.  Charleston was tagged the Holy City due to the mass amount of churches on the downtown peninsula.  The skyline is dotted with tall, graceful steeples. I grew up surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenes imaginable.  Sometimes, I take this wonderful place for granted because it has become so everyday for me.

As I have made my way through the blog world, I have discovered that everyone is in love with Charleston.  Some are ready to pick up and move here or waiting to return for a weekend visit.  This love affair with my town has made me come to appreciate it more.  I want to share this beautiful city with everyone - seasoned local and weekend visitor alike.

I am not a skilled photography, but Olivia, Everyday Musings, is.  Here are some of my favorite shots she has taken of Charleston.

Spanish Moss
Sunset on the Battery
Charleston House Piazza 

South Battery

Row Houses
Broad Street

Charleston Harbor with the Yorktown in the distance
Colonial Lake
Rainbow Row
Marion Square at Christmas

If I could choose any city to eat my way through, it would be Rome.  A close second would be Charleston.  The variety and quality of restaurants in Charleston is unreal and equally delicious.  My friend, Sarah, has started a blog dedicated solely to the food of Charleston.

Are you crushin' on my city, too!?!  If so, come on down for a visit!



  1. This post isn't helping with my whole "be patient" thing... hahaha

  2. I absolutely LOVE living here too! I am a born and raised Charlestonian and we def. live in one of the most beautiful places in the world! :)

  3. Beautiful pics of Charlston! - I loved visiting and wish we could have stayed longer... I am def planning to make a trip back in the next couple of years :)

    And... my mom just found out that her company's corporate meeting is in Charlston year... what a coincidence!


  4. Great pics! My family and I were there in November... I LOVE IT!! So glad we are only 2 hours away! I'll definitely be back soon! -e

  5. Beautiful pictures! I've only ever visited Florida and Savannah when I was younger and have been wanting to take a tour of the South sometime--these photos make me want to visit even more :)

    Found your blog through A Life So Lovely, great post there by the way!


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