March 30, 2011


On a dreary day like we are having here in Charleston, I must find my own "sunshine" in my life.  Besides the weather, my over all life the past few days has been miserable.
Hours at the library/school since Friday:
58 hours
That is more than average of 10 hours a day at the lawbrary!
Here is the kicker...I still love law school.
I know there is something wrong with me.
Verified FACT!

Anywho...on to what I am lovin' this Wednesday.

I'm loving the Band Perry and their song "You lie."  I have been listening to it non-stop recently.  I am also loving the fact that I will see them in concert in less than a month as well as Luke Bryan and Tim McGraw.  I am taking my sister and her friend Katie to see them in Savannah.

I'm loving my red velvet whoopie pies I made on Sunday...recipe to come soon.

I'm loving this verse...

I'm loving all of my wonderful follows and new friends that I have made through blogging.  I never imagined that I would gain what I have come to consider true friends through blogging.  I have plans to meet two of them in the next month or so, and I could not be more excited.

I'm loving the great impromptu lunch date I had with one of my professor's from last year.  He was in the  Barrister (our "lounge/snack bar") getting a sandwich at the same time I was.  He asked me if I anything to do and if not to join him.  I love that our professors want to have lunch with us and get to know us outside the classroom.  
*I know I have a few other law students following...just wondering if this happens at your schools?

I'm loving this beautiful picture...take me there please!

Well my dears...what are you lovin' today?
Happy Wednesday!



  1. tim mcgraw, luke bryan, and the band perry? im about to drop dead of jealousy.

  2. OMG, I'm coming to steal some of those red velvet whoopie pies! Let us know if you want a nice break from the Lawbrary this weekend ...we will be out & about DT on Friday night and all day on Saturday!

  3. i neeeeeeed that recipe. i do, my hips dont. but dang they look delicious. :) :)

  4. I LOVE that verse! Great inspiration! I'm also loving the RV Whoopie pies! MMM!

  5. Awesome song!
    I want to be at that location too.....SO Beautiful!
    Happy Wednesday Sweetheart!

  6. Those red velvet pies look SO good - I cannot wait for the recipe :)

    And I'm glad you are passionate enough about law that you can stand to spend 58 hours in the lawbrary - kudos my dear, I'm sure you'll make an excellent lawyer :)

    Hope the sun heads your way soon!


  7. those whoopie pies look DELISH! I'm currently baking banana/chocolate bread to hopefully cure my rainy day blues!

    And can I PLEASE go to wherever that picture is? looks amazing!

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  8. The Band Perry is great, and what an encouraging verse!

    So far my favorite 'professor' moment: Our Women in Law adviser is also my Civ.Pro. teacher and we had a Wine & Appetizer night at her (amazing) house.

  9. What great things you are loving today! I hope that you had a great Wednesday!

  10. I can't wait for the whoopie pie recipe!! Those look so pretty!

  11. Ahh I love Band Perry... great song. Happy Wednesday!

  12. that verse is wonderful-- something to live by! and i'm so jealous of your upcoming concerts!


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