March 23, 2011


Happy Wednesday lovelies!  It has felt like Thursday all day, and yesterday felt like Wednesday.  Just  how this week is going.  Toooo much stuff going on!  I must take the time to remember what is good in my life right now.


I'm loving being elected SBA Vice President!!  I mentioned last week that I was running.  The elections were held yesterday.  I feel so honored that my peers have chosen me to lead our school next year.  I am super excited to be working with our President elect, too.  Liz is amazing!

I'm loving this blog, Tips For My Future Husband.  This girl and I are on the same wavelengths.  All except Tip #38, my husband and I will be spending our fall weekends at Williams-Brice in Columbia, SC.  If he is not a Carolina fan and he attended an equal big football school, then we will split time equally between his school and mine.  Some of my personal favorites are #9, #12, #17, #21, #23, #31, #32, & #33.

I'm loving my Nelly and Journey Pandora stations that help me focus will studying, researching, and writing.

I'm loving Charleston and its beautiful weather, beautiful streets, and beautiful waters.  I feel blessed to drive over the connector every morning and be able to lookout over the marsh.  I am not loving all the foreigners I mean yankees I mean tourists that drive slow around are going to cause a wreck mister!  Other than their driving abilities, I welcome tourists to our please come down and stay a spell!

I'm loving this beautiful scripture.

I hope everyone has had a great Wednesday and has an even better rest of the week.



  1. Love that verse! And...congrats on being elected!!!

  2. Great things that you are loving today!!!

  3. Congratulations on winning your election!! I'm going to have to check out that blog ;)

  4. Congrats on being elected! What an honor!

  5. Yay yay yay!! I'm so excited for next year. It's going to be great!!!

  6. loveeee that verse!!!
    and congrats on the election :)
    and now i need to go check out that website.

  7. YAY - Congrats on being elected... that is SO exciting!

    Such a happy and inspiring post! - Thanks for making me smile :)



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