March 31, 2011

Stella & Dot

I am hosting a Stella & Dot jewelry party this weekend.
It will be a nice break for me and my law school girlfriends as well as my other gal pals.

If you have never heard of Stella & Dot, their stuff is great.  Most of it is reasonably priced and they have a gorgeous spring/summer line.

I wanted to offer all of you a chance to purchase some beautiful jewelry, since 90% of you don't live in Charleston.  Because, I mean, if you all lived here and my house was big enough, all of you would be invited!  My stylist has provided me with a link to her page.  

In the upper, right hand side there is a link for hostess name, enter my name (Ashton).  Select my party.  Any purchases you make, I will get credit for it.

I thank you in advance if you purchase anything.  I hope you see something you are dying to have. =)

Here are a few things I would love to have, definitely can't get them all!

Goa Pendant Necklace
Sofia Pearl Bib Necklace
Sunset Bangle
Starfish Earrings
Jolie Cocktail Ring

Sloane Enamel Bangle

Happy shopping my loves!



  1. i have the GOA pendant- my all time favorite!! love stella and dot!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE S&D!!! I have a few of their things! But I'm obsessing over their Spring/Summer line!

    Hope your party is so much fun! :)

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  3. I love Stella and Dot! - How awesome that you're hosting a party :)

    My faves of your choices are the Jolie Cocktail ring and the Pearl necklace!

  4. aww I love this line!! I think this has convinced my roommate and I to have a jewelry party at our house...

  5. I have the first necklace you posted- the goa pendant. I looove it! It is one of my favorite pieces. I can't wait for this party :)

  6. I'm obsessed with Stella & Dot. Such fabulous stuff! Have a fun party:-) xoxo

  7. i LOVE stella and dot! how long am i able to purchase things through you? i've had my eye on a necklace for my mom for mother's day, but was going to wait a few weeks before ordering...

  8. Yay! I'm a stylist in Tampa! Have so much fun!! I hope you get tons of free stuff!!

  9. My boyfriends sister is a stylist for Stella and Dot and I am going to have a party soon! I was thinking of doing the same thing (putting a link on my blog). How did it go??

    love your blog

  10. I have a few Stella and Dot pieces, and I love them! That sounds fun!


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