March 3, 2011

Judith March - Part 1

I have definitely caught spring/summer fever!  I am ready for it to really warm up.  And, all of my online shopping indicates this.  All I have been looking at is dresses.  I have two weddings coming up in April and one in July, so I trying to find some cute ones.  Two of these will be the same group of people; therefore, I can't wear the same thing.  Two of my sorority sisters are getting married.  Most of all I just want some new dresses for the summer.  Dresses are pretty much all that is bearable to wear come late April through the end of September in South Carolina.

I am currently crushing on tons of dresses from Judith March.  Her dresses are very versatile from a wedding reception to a night out to just wearing around town.  I love so many that I am going to have to split them up.

These are some of my favorites for everyday and/or a summer night out.

small confession - I have a thing for owls.

If I had the money to do, I would purchase all of these.  What is the lotto up to these days?
You can't purchase them online so check to see where Judith March is sold near you.  I go to Willy Jays on King Street.  Lucky enough though, two of Jana's friends from college have an online store, Vestique, that sells Judith March.  Prices vary from store to store, but most are reasonably priced.

Which are you favorites?

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Have a wonderful thirsty Thursday, my loves!



  1. I love the navy and yellow one! Thanks for sharing, I'll be checking these out on my next trip down King Street.

  2. I love the navy and yellow one too! I also love the "I heart football" Judith March dress on Vestique!!

  3. Cute picks! Which two girls are getting married? I also have 2 XO weddings this year! Katie Ashton & Jenny Lacus :)

  4. Those dress are great! I love the navy & yellow also, but I think the blue chevron one is my fav! -e

  5. Love these dresses...I am now imaging myself far, far away soaking up the sun on a tropical beach (reality hits...I am in Wisconsin and it is freezing).

  6. Those are so cute! The first one and the navy and yellow one are my favorites!

  7. My favorite is the Navy and Yellow Georgette and the Blue Chevron!... I really like flower detailing lately :)



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