March 13, 2011

Simplify Your Life #1

I read only two magazines religiously...see here.  They are Garden & Gun and Real Simple.  These are the only two magazines that I keep a subscription to.  Though, I recently let my Real Simple one expire, but I keep up with their material via their daily emails that cover every topic.

They do one every week about 6 Problem-Solvers to simplify your life.  I want to start sharing some of these with y'all!

Desktop Shredder

Who has room for large shredder in their home office?  This little thing is the perfect size for any desk.  I always wander what happens to my trash once leaves my big green trash can every Thursday.  With identity theft as rampant as it is, you can't be too safe.  It can be purchased in three different colors and is affordable at $44.  Purchase it here.

Groove-'N'-Go Watch

I loved a slap bracelet when I was in elementary school.  The Groove-'N'-Go Watch combines "retro" slap bracelet with the "modern" iPod Nano.  The most recent generation of the Nano fits snuggly underneath the face of the watch.  Now, you can jam without anyone noticing.  It would be perfect to run with.

Phone Finder

I am usually good about keeping up with my keys and phone.  The only time I have trouble getting my hands on them is when they have fallen to the depths of my purse.  For those of you that are constantly searching for you phone, there is a solution.  I Can't Find My Phone.  This website offers a free phone service.  You enter your phone number and it will call it for free.  Hopefully, it is not dead or on silent, and voila...there's your phone.

Hope these help simplify your life.  Remember its the little things that make a difference.



  1. That desktop shredder is a great idea. I am always ripping things up when I put them in the trash and wondering if I got enough of the important numbers ripped. I always think about getting a shredder, but since i'm a teacher and don't feel like I have millions of confidential papers, I thought I was silly. But that thing, especially since it's purple, is especially personal document friendly. Thanks so much for the recommendation! I'm making note of it.

  2. I feel like I try to simplify my life weekly, it never works! Love the items you've shared and your blog too! Newly following.

  3. That little shredder is adorable and so functional! - I want one!

    And that website idea is brilliant, especially if you don't have a landline :)

    Thanks for the tips!

    ps I'm the world's biggest procrastinator - I'm at work all day now and the paper's due tomorrow morning and I'm still not finished lol - It's going to be another long night tonight!

  4. That last website is a fantastic idea!!


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