March 24, 2011

Salty Soul

This is my own picture edited with picnik.

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, then you know my love of salt water...see herehere, & here.  If you have read my Soul Within, then you know that I love the feel of salt on my skin and the smell of the marsh.  Anytime I am feeling down, all I have to do is look at a picture of the beach or river and I am in a better mood.

The above quote could not be more true.  Those three things can cure a multitude of ills.  I know I have personally relied on them my entire life.  I am not a cried, but when I do...It is a big deal!  I feel my semesterly breakdown coming soon.  Where will I head, to the beach to sit a spell.  Or the Cooper River Bridge for a brisk walk/run.

I recently joined Pinterest, and I have noticed one thing about all my pins.  Over half of them revolve around water and are nautically themed.  My soul belongs near the ocean. Period.

"Salt air it ain't thin.  It can stick right to your skin and make you feel fine." ~ Jimmy Buffet, Tin Cup Chalice

Basically, the beach or river is where I go to recharge and think about life.  I can't think of a more perfect place to spend my day.

Where do you go for your "me time"?

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  1. Love this post and especially the one by Mark Twain - I have that one as one of my quotes on FB :)

    When I am upset or stressed then my cure is to work out or go for a run... although I also love the ocean - I don't know whether I've told you before, but during my sophomore year of college I went on Semester at Sea and sometimes we didn't see land for 10 days - I loved every second of it, only seeing the ocean for miles and miles and at night time the stars were stunning!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. right there with you... there is nothing like that salty air... and being next to the ocean.

  3. I'm with you and Jana! Salt water heals my heart and soul! It sure stinks being hours away from the coast. I have my desktop at work set to the beach and even have a "beachy" playlist on Grooveshark. If all else fails, I open a Dot Frank book and turn on my sound machine to hear the roar of the ocean waves. There is NOTHING like it.

  4. stumbled here from Amy's Life...and wow your post about the ocean and the lovely pictures just really got to me...LOVE it! Just beautiful!


  5. These pics are fabulous ~ such a nice pick me up, considering it snowed here earlier this week! Can't wait to be down South close to the water again.

  6. OH MY GOODNESS- this post speaks to me!! my family has always had boats and i've grown up being around the water a lot. i feel most at home when i am on the water and love the feeling you get when you lick your lips and they taste salty! because i'm not super close to the water, however, much of my other me time is spent at barnes and noble reading a book- there's nothing like laying out on the dock and reading though! whew, long comment! hope you've had a great weekend!


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