March 6, 2011

Top 5 & The Weekend

My bloggy friend Jana tagged me in the Top Five Things I Could Not Live Without.
Miss Jana is one of my best blog friends.  I love her blog and the beautiful nautical things she finds.

Beside the necessities - food and water - these are the five things I could not live without...

1. Chi Straightener. I have naturally curly/wavy hair.  And, it is unruly without a daily straightening.  I honestly don't know how my life was before a straightener.  The slightest bit of humidity turns my hair into a hot mess of frizz.  For those of you familiar with the SC weather, there is no such thing as slight humidity.  I usually try to keep my hair short to limit the frizz.  Right now, I am growing it out to try and donate it.

2. Apple Products.  I love all things Apple.  I am looking forward to my upgrade to the iPhone.  I have a Macbook.  I will never use/own a PC, again.  It is so easy to use.  Between school work, Facebook stalking, online shopping, and blogging of course, I am on my computer 90% of my day.  One of the only things that gets my through my day is music.  I listen to iTunes or Pandora when I read and study.  I rarely listen to the radio in my car.  My iTouch is usually plugged in.

3. Diet Coke.  The other thing that gets my through my day is diet coke.  Since I don't drink coffee, it is my only source of caffeine.  During exam time, I just need to insert a diet coke IV.  I gave it up for Lent one year and the headaches were unbearable so it didn't last.

4. Chapstick.  At any given time, I will have at least three things of chapstick in my purse.  You can never have too many. Right?  Burt's Bees is my favorite.

5. Google Calendar.  To say that I am involved at school is an understatement.  I am on several student government committees and a member of just as many student organizations.  Then, there is the mandatory and optional programming I have to or choose to attend.  Without my (color coded) Google calendar, I wouldn't know if I was coming or going.

What can you not live without?

Now for a little weekend recap.
Overall, I was a lazy bum this weekend.  The stuff that I had plan to get down get no where near achieved, but that is okay - I need a little time to do nothing.

Last night, most of my friends and I went to the Palmetto Society's annual oyster roast.  $20 for all you can eat and drink.  I think I will!  It was held at the Visitor Center bus shed so there was plenty of room for mingling and dancing.

My friends are not normal.

Yesterday, Elizabeth and I took a little trip down King Street for some retail therapy.  I finally made it down to the new Forever 21.  I will share some of our finds soon.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  If you are on Spring Break, I hope you have bigger plans than me.  If not, I will be lazy for both of us!



  1. A straightner is something I can also not live without... my hairy is semi-straight but also frizzes out if its just blow dried... thank god that straightners came out when we were in high school :)

    I am starting to lean towards mac although I have a dell lap top now with windows 7 and I also like that. My bf has a Mac Book Pro and loves it and at my previous job we worked on all macs... so I can use them and will probably come over to the dark side the next time I need to invest in a computer :)

    I'm a diet coke addict and at some stage in college I was hooked to the extent that I needed six refills a day to function! In SA we only get Coke Light and, trust me, it's not the same... so now I drink Pepsi Light (which is better than american diet pepsi) and coffee to get through the day.

    Ok this is turning into a really looong comment, but I also love burts bees (it's the best)!


  2. hahah agreed, there is nooo such thing as slight humidity! I can't believe I didn't put my straightener on my list, I can't do without it... It's a must!

  3. I love my straightener, Mac, and Diet Coke. Couldn't live without those.

    And oh my goodness, your calendar is insane. Do you give google calendar classes? Because you should. Wow!


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