January 23, 2011

Adventures of Girl Talk

I woke up soooo sore this morning.  I don't know if it is from my ridiculous dancing last night or my Body Flow workout yesterday morning. Or a combination of the two.  Either way, I am moving slow this morning and its a sign of a good evening.

As I said earlier, the concert would involve tye dye and glow sticks.  My roommate and I tye dyed our own shirts.  Tye dying is always interesting because you never sure how it will turn out.
Step 1: pre-wash your shirt
Step 2: Get your supplies together...gloves are a mustt!
Step 3: Pick your design and have rubber bands handy.
Step 4: Add your favorite colors to the sections divided by the rubber bands.
Step 5: Let sit over night.
Step 6: Run under cold water until it runs fairly clear and wash again. (See below for final results)

Saturday's events started at 3:00 (who loves some good day drinking?).  Giving me ample time to "prepare" for Girl Talk.  They didn't serve alcohol at the concert, which is probably a good thing (saving me from a terrible hangover).

Saturday Timeline
CSOL Alumni Oyster Roast: 3:00-7:00
Wardrobe Change at the Lawbrary: Approximately 7:30
Girl Talk: 8:00-10:30

Oyster roasts are a staple on the coast during the winter.  I love the taste of oysters, but I have the worst gag reflexes known to man.  Therefore, I find it hard to eat them unless they are cooked just right. 

I love my law school frandsss! Not to sound too cliquish, but law school is the one place you can go to school and be surrounded by people that are exactly like you.  We are all type-A, have pretty much the same interests, and find the same humor in everyday things.

And for the main event...
Roomie gave it a thumbs up.

Basically, one big jam session.
The final product...best tye dye I have ever done!
Overall thoughts on the concert dance party: It was a great time and I enjoyed dancing like a fool.
For it to be mind-blowing, I should have been on some sort of illegal substance.
Given that I have never even smoked a cigarette before most less partaken in other activities, the slight buzz I maintained was sufficient.

Going to try and be lazy today, but we will see how that goes.


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  1. woah woah woah, i just saw luke and megan and fred...i met luke last summer bc he's friends with my ex, and i know megan and friend from my friend trista. this world is SMALL! i am adding you on facebook bc i'm creepy like that ;0


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