January 15, 2011

I'm a Snake...

I can be entertained by YouTube videos for hoursss.  And, I am usually the last to find out about the latest "it" video.

My roommate's boyfriend shared this gem of a video with me, today.  So, I thought I would share it with y'all.

It is so disturbing/weird that it is funny.  It is, also, the reason why my children will play outside, build forts and such, and make "mud pies"...like I did.  They will also have imaginary, as well as, real friends to play with.

Apparently, this guy is some comedian, but I have never seen him before.  I, personally, think he is on something.

Why do people feel the need to post themselves doing this stuff on YouTube? 



  1. Why whyyyyy?!? LOL! That is exactly why it is so entertaining! Thanks for the laugh this morning girlie!

  2. wow! lol that's worth the laugh! I think kids don't play out side or use imaginations enough today. I agree


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